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Star Trek

Star Trek Game Beams In New Trailer

Set in the new movie universe of characters, the recently announced Star Trek game looks like nothing else the franchise has ever seen.

There have been lots of Star Trek games over the years, but few that have managed to garner attention beyond the dedicated Trek fan community. Digital Extremes is looking to change that with its new Star Trek game, which pairs Kirk and Spock together in a cooperative action game set in the universe established in 2009's Abrams' directed film.

The game will release to PS3, 360 and PC sometime in 2012, but Sony has a number of exclusives connected to the title, including a PlayStation Move Phaser peripheral, and stand-alone pre-release downloadable content, presumably a DLG in the vein of games like Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

“Most teaser trailers feature zero gameplay, but we’re proud to introduce Star Trek to the world with a first look made up entirely of pre-Alpha gameplay to show how great the game looks even though it is more than a year off,” said Tom Lesinski, president of Paramount Digital Entertainment in a press release. “The level of quality and authenticity to the new Star Trek (2009) universe is a testament to talent of the team and the strong collaboration between Digital Extremes and the filmmakers.”

The new trailer certainly looks pretty action-packed. Here's hoping this new Trek can find an audience beyond its familiar niche.

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  • Man for being a year away this actually looks pretty good. might just have to check out the final product. Maybe make me change my mind about star trek

  • While this could certainly be a good game, it might seem a odd if this is essentially a third-person shooter starring Kirk and Spock. I guess they're younger than they were in the original series, but it still seems out-of-character. If the game only features them running around, blowing things up, and shooting bad guys, Star Trek fans might be upset. I still hope this turns out good. I really like the Star Trek universe.
  • Have to buy that Phaser!

  • This looks so cool. A star trek third person shooter? I'm in.

  • Better set your phasers to Kill!

  • So.....Mass Effect with Co-Op?
  • It look interesting.

  • Buying this game day 1! Could be like mass effect!

  • Really? This is not what Star Trek is about.

  • I think FPS would be the way to go with this one. The 3rd Person view is a little disappointing...
  • I thought the trailer for this game looked fantastic!  I hope the devs can make it one of the better liscensed games out there

  • looks like mass effect

  • nothing gets me more happy than this, hope its a good game, mass effect-like or better...
  • Looks nuts. As much as I like Pine, I kinda wish they didn't use the new actors as their models. But.. seems pretty neat so far regardless!

  • Looks good. I like that they are focusing more on the action.

  • Looks pretty awsome. It's about time Trek got an action based game that's not all about the ships. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be an over-hyped dissapointment.

  • It looks like Mass Effect combat with co-op. Considering that combat is Mass Effect's weak point I wouldn't be too excited for this. That being said, we really don't know much about this game and it's still much too early to make judgements about it. Hopefully, Digital Extremes can think of some gameplay elements to make it stand out.
  • Spock looks like he's holding a plasma rifle in the pic above

  • this looks really good, im gonna keep my eye on it

  • @febtober

    I agree, it does look like Mass Effect with better combat.  It's funny, because I remember when the movie came out thinking that it drew a lot of influence from Mass Effect.  

    Either way, it looks really good.  Have to keep an eye on it.

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