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Dark Souls

Dark Souls To Torture Gamers On October 4

High strung gamers should start booking their psychiatrist appointments for the beginning of October, as the release date of  the spiritual sequel to From Software's notoriously difficult action RPG Demon's Souls is now certain. Continue on to see the E3 trailer for the game.

The video below shows no shortage of giant monsters waiting to trounce players in Dark Souls, and while director Hidetaka Miyazaki has stated that the game will be even more difficult than Demon's Souls, at least players will have a new safe zone that they can visit to save their game and heal. Having a central safe zone is possible thanks to Dark Souls' open world design, which should appeal to more gamers than the linear levels of Demon's Souls, although we'll have to see how exploration affects From's level design.

Dark Souls will be available on October 4 for PS3 and for Xbox 360.

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  • Loved Demon's Souls, really looking forward to being utterly destroyed by this game!
  • Wait xbox 360? Guess this one aint an exclusive.
  • I'm still working on Demon Souls.  Can't imagine what challenges this game will bring.  

  • Now that's a trailer worth getting excited over.  Demon's Souls is definitely one of the biggest surprise hits of this generation and this looks to surpass it in every way.

  • Prepare to die, that's cute. It looks like they're keeping those stupid machine like dragons though, judging by that one scene. Otherwise, though, their boss fights look much improved.

  • Most of the enemies they showed were big..... or just plain huge. YAYYYYY!!! Tis gon be a month for cursing, October >.<

  • Another game that looks awesome releasing between September and December. I think my wallet shall cry.
  • Dude this game looks ***!

  • Alright! I'll be plenty occupied with this game for sure, till SKYRIM is upon us.

  • I might be a heretic for saying this with Skyrim on the horizon, but I think this will be the best RPG of 2011. For me at least.
  • October is looking to be the best month for video games this year. Dark Souls, The Darkness 2, Arkham City, Twisted Metal and more. It's going to be a good month of gaming.
  • This game terrifies me! Hours and hours of dying and resetting- but I can't wait! I still have to finish up Demon's souls before this date

  • Such a great trailer, I've been waiting a long time to try their game since Demon's Souls because it's not on Xbox.

    I've more anticipation for this title than any other FF title in the past decade.
  • Oh my dear lord. I played a little bit of Demon's Souls, but never bought it. I am DEF getting this one. I wasn't sure which I would be more excited over, Dark Souls or Skyrim, but I gotta say...I'm thinking Dark Souls has got Skyrim beat from what we've seen so far...

  • The ending of the trailer should have said:"Prepare to die.Over and over and over and over and over..."

  • wow

  • This is looking great! It seems to imply you're undead. Well, the last one's story was good, this one will be too. The music sounds great too.
  • Thank god it's releasing a month before Skyrim. I was worried I wouldn't have time for both!

  • "From Software's notoriously difficult action RPG Demon's Souls" Notoriously exaggerated difficulty, that is.
  • My tolerance for pain has lessened over time, so I'll probably have to skip this one. Which is unfortunate, as it actually looks pretty d*mn cool.

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