Everyone seems to have lists out there and since SupraDarky (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6iBH7Pmiinoe902-JqQ7aQ) is going through his top 30 I thought I would share my top 10 and try to give good reasons for them. I chose most of them based on how I keep replaying them and coming back to them frequently even after several years. Many I have purchased several times for myself and as gifts for friends because I enjoyed them so much.

10. Super Mario Bros. 3

This game was a big part of my childhood. I remember waking up early on Saturdays to get to the NES before my brothers woke up and play this game. It got to the point where I could beat it using the whistles so fast. I discovered that after you beat the game if you finish the first two levels again you will have 56 P wings.

9. Final Fantasy 7

I actually didn't like this game when I first saw it. I watched a friend play it and while it was cool because I liked the original Final Fantasy on NES it didn't catch me and wasn't fun to watch. Then he let me borrow the game. I think I put in 17 hours in one day and knew I had to get it. Since then I have played it frequently and it's one of the few Final Fantasies that I have replayed all the way through multiple times.

8. Metroid Prime

I pre-ordered this game as soon as I saw my first video of it. It had some of the best music, art style, puzzles, and pacing of any game I've played. Even backtracking through previously explored areas never felt like a chore in this game. That's really difficult to pull off and only a few games can do that (super metroid being one of them).

7. Halo CE

The first Halo game changed my life. When a few groups of my friends started getting into drugs and alcohol I turned to this game. My neighbor friends and I used to play Goldeneye together and when Halo came out I remember playing at a friends cousins house until 4 AM. We had completely lost track of time. Many weekends were spent this way instead of at my other friends apartment where they did drugs and such. I had three TV's in my basement and my neighbor had 2 xboxes. You could count on at least 12 people every Friday coming over and ordering a pizza and playing some Halo. Blood Gultch and Sidewinder CTF, Wizard FFA, Boarding Acting Team Snipers, Team Slayer on Chill Out and Damnation, Team Oddball on Hang em High. So many good memories.

6. Mirrors Edge

This game I have purchased over 4 times. Once for Xbox 360, again for PS3 to play through it and get all the trophies a second time, once for PC as part of the EA humble bundle, and once for my brother on my birthday so he could enjoy the goodness. Great aesthetics and colors throughout and fun parkour running make this a great play. I loved that there was a trophy/achievement for getting through the game without killing a single person (Test of Faith). The next one will be a day one purchase for me for sure.


5. Zelda Twilight Princess

This is my favorite Zelda game of the series. I loved the dark and realistic tone of the game. Wolf link was cool. Midna was a great companion character that wasn't annoying. It had horse-back combat! Such an amazing game. I have purchased this 3 times also. Once for GC, twice for Wii since I had sold my Wii and picked it up again when I got the Wii U. It would be a dream come true if the next Zelda was similar to this, or if an HD remake was released.

4. Super Mario 64

This game changed gaming forever. Many cite this as the best game made. I saved up my allowance and dreamt of this game for months. The N64 is the only console I have purchased on the release date and it was solely for this game. I remember going to babbages (before it was gamestop) and wanting to buy one. Back then I didn't know anything about pre-orders and they told me their stock was all reserved. I couldn't help but get teary eyed (I was 12 years old). The worker saw my sadness and ended up giving me one anyway. Sorry if it was you that missed out on a N64 because of this kind employee. I got 120 stars on this game, found Yoshi, and basically played it nonstop for 4 months until Christmas came and I got more games.

3. Shadow of the Colossus

I was one of the few who had actually purchased Ico and loved it. When Shadow of the Colossus showed up on my radar I knew I had to have it. I remember putting it in my ps2 and watching the opening scenes enthralled with the game and the beauty of the world. My mother walked into the room and was so impressed by the graphics and world and story that she sat down and watched. After 4 hours of her watching me play and cringing as the colossi tried to shake me off I knew this game was different. She even followed up with me later asking what happened in the story with the girl. She was so intrigued by the story and the world and the colossi. My mom has never done this prior nor since with any video games.

I personally loved how it was a beautiful world to explore, a great story, and the colossi were the only enemies you faced. Climbing up these huge beasts beards and arms was intense and unlike any other game I had played. I have purchased this one 4 times as well. PS2 version first, then the HD remake three times so I could give them to a friend, brother, and myself.


2. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

I think this is game that I have played through the most number of times. All of these top ten are games that I have finished multiple times all the way through, but this one was so good I did all the difficulties multiple times. Many late nights were spent playing this game. I unlocked all the dog tags in order to get the blue wig. Then I got substance and did most of it but I couldn't make it through extreme difficulty again. Vamp was just too hard for me. I then got the HD collection and have been working towards the platinum trophy.

I loved the story and the atmosphere. The graphics were amazing, the acting was incredible, the voices were all perfect, and the gameplay was awesome. It was so fun to hold up guards or sneak around them. I remember feeling like their AI was so good and clever.

There were so many details and polish in this game. I remember shooting the ice bucket over on the tanker and watching the ice melt. How many games have ice that melts after being knocked out of a container? Shooting enemies in the arm made them not able to use that arm. So awesome, let alone all the incredible boss battles and sneaking around. I also personally loved Raiden and wasn't miffed at all about playing as him. I too was suprised by it but still greatly enjoyed it and felt like he was faster than Snake. The sword fight was awesome too. I recently finished Metal Gear Rising Revengance and loved it.

1. Final Fantasy Tactics

This game is the reason I bought a Playstation. I am a big fan of Shining Force and this game felt just like that with Final Fantasy setting and world. The character classes like the mages looked just like Final Fantasy 1 characters. It was so fun and addicting. I remember borrowing my friends PS over the weekend and playing nonstop until I bought one that next week.

The reason I have chosen this as my number one is because I can always come back and play this game for some reason. I always enjoy it and sink time into it. I know I've played it all the way through at least 4 times that I can remember. I even leveled Cloud all the way up to level 99.I loved the job class system and the character designs. The battles were so fun and good. It really felt like Shining Force all over again but the nods to the Final Fantasy series made it feel so special to me.

The latest time that I've played this I finished the game in 25 hours and at level 51 thanks to the item duplication trick. I was able to give everyone excalibur so they had auto-haste and just stomped through the rest of the game.


So there is my top ten list for now. It always is hard to decide this kind of stuff as our tastes can change all the time. What are your favorite games and why?