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GI Show 170: Nintendo 2DS, Madden 25, Diablo III Console

Nintendo surprised us with a new handheld this week, so we talk about! We also break down Madden 25 and Diablo III for consoles.

First up, Dan Ryckert and Ben Hanson stop by to react to Nintendo's odd new console. It's definitely not what we were expecting and it leads to some interesting discussion.

The second segment revolves around Madden 25. It's a landmark anniversary for the series, but is the game up to the occasion? Matthew Kato lets you know.

Finally, Jeff Marchiafava and Adam Biessener join the show to talk about the long-awaited console version of Diablo III. One of the guys loves it and one of them acts like a big PC snob about it! Can you guess who? Tune in to find out.

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