Good games are overrated! It's high time the GI Show gave some props to terrible games, and Ride to Hell: Redemption and Dark are the perfect case studies in bad development. During the first segment, host Matt Helgeson welcomes Tim Turi, Jeff Cork, and Andy Reiner to the show to talk about these recent duds. We also talk about what makes some bad games compelling in their own strange way -- what separates the "so bad it's good" from the "so bad it's bad." We also ponder the future of bad games and whether we can still expect the industry to push out those damaged cult classics that have been the bread and butter of our Replay videos.

Even though it's not terrible, we also talk about NCAA Football 14, with Matt Kato and Matt Bertz. It's the last NCAA before next-gen hits and it won't be released for Xbox One or PS4 this fall. So, if you love college pigskin, current-gen systems are the only way you're going to get a chance. During the segment, we break down the game's strengths and weaknesses and ponder where it can grow in the future.