In this episode we discuss a highly anticipated reboot of one of Capcom's most treasured franchises, and talk about Disney's bold new venture in video games.

First up, Andy Reiner and Ben Hanson stop by to discuss DMC: Devil May Cry with host Matt Helgeson. It's a reboot of the DMC franchise, and the first handled by an outside developer, Heavenly Sword and Enslaved developer Ninja Theory. Reiner is a longtime fan of the series, and Ben is a Ninja Theory fan who was inspired to check out the DMC franchise for the first time, so it's an interesting mix of perspectives on the game. Note: Joe Juba, who reviewed the game for Game Informer, is traveling at the moment and was not able to participate, so sorry to his legion of "Jubaholics."

Next up, Reiner and Hanson stick around and are joined by Jeff Cork to talk about Disney Infinity. This ambitious new project aims to tie the entire Disney universe of the company's properties into an evolving ecosytem that utilized collectible figurines similar to Activision's Skylanders. However, this multi-game, multi-franchise project is a good deal more ambitious, and could well revolutionize the way that licensed games are created, sold, and marketed.