This week's podcast features the latest Skryim DLC, Lego Lord of the Rings, and our reaction to the Spike Video Game Awards.

We kick things off with by catching up with Lego Lord of the Rings, which has been out for a few weeks. However, the game's clever slant on Tolkien mythology is still well worth discussing. Joe Juba and Jeff Cork join host Matt Helgeson to talk about the game's considerable strengths. Next up, Andy Reiner stops by to talk about his review for Dragonborn, the third DLC pack released for Bethesda's epic Skyrim. This is the meatiest DLC for the game to date, but Reiner does have some problem's with the game's most notable functionality. Finally, a returning Reiner, Dan Ryckert, and Ben Hanson debate the 10th annual Spike TV Video Game Awards. Overall, the show was much better than in years past, and also featured an odd bit of gamesmanship from Konami and "Moby Dick Studio" about a possibly fake game called Phantom Pain. Also, Dan and Ben seriously argue about EVERYTHING in this episode, even if it had nothing to do with the VGAs. So enjoy that.