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Respec Radio Ep. 21: Rift, Two-Headed Turtles, And You

This week's episode of Respec Radio is one of those rare treats for the World of Warcraft haters in the audience -- an episode of Respec Radio not devoted to WoW! Instead, we discuss the newly-launched, heavily WoW-inspired MMO Rift. Adam Biessener leads Andy McNamara and I on a tour of all of Rift's features, from the impressive world and complex class system to the sketchy animation.

Listen to the full episode below and then read Adam's lengthy write-up of his first impressions on Rift. If you dig the show, be sure to subscribe via our RSS feed or iTunes, and check out older episodes on the Respec Radio hub.

Attachment: http://media1.gameinformer.com/media/audio/wow/respecradio21.mp3