If you've listened to previous episodes of Respec Radio, then chances are you've heard my fellow podcasters Andy McNamara and Adam Biessener do some shouting at some point. Well, this week's show is quite possibly our loudest, shoutiest episode yet. We've been checking out patch 4.0 for World of Warcraft, which was released a couple of weeks ago in preparation for the Cataclysm expansion, and Andy is a little less than pleased.

After the patch talk, we get into a laundry list of small announcements and news bits from Blizzcon 2010. From the Firelands raid to enhanced maps to the mysterious fourth expansion, we discuss it all. And Andy yells some more. And Adam yells back. And I weep and wonder when we'll be a family again. It's an all-around entertaining episode, so tune in below or subscribe to the show on iTunes or via our RSS feed!