World of Warcraft's upcoming third expansion, Cataclysm, promises to bring a lot of major changes to Blizzard's MMO cash cow, but over the past week we got our first look at some of the specifics on how each class will be different soon. On our latest extra-long episode of Respec Radio, Adam Biessener, Andy McNamara, and I nerd out over every detail of the upcoming class changes, discussing everything from druid's new drug-induced level 85 ability to how enhancement shamans are getting screwed. Again.

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To listen to us jabber about your favorite class, hit the following timestamps:

  • Death Knight [13:26]
  • Druid [20:59]
  • Hunter [33:25]
  • Mage [42:18]
  • Priest [51:58]
  • Rogue [57:15]
  • Shaman [101:05]
  • Warlock [113:55]
  • Warrior [118:50]