We're back with a new year, a new episode, and a new name! We launched at the end of 2009 under the name Casual-Hardcore, but after a break for the holidays and to come up with a new name, we've returned as Respec Radio. In this week's episode, Game Informer editors Andy McNamara, Adam Biessener, and Phil Kollar gather around some microphones to do what we do best: talk about Warcraft.

Topics this week include the latest batch of nerfs, the World of Warcraft movie, and when Star Wars: The Old Republic should launch. For the final segment, Andy provides a play-by-play of the newest wing of the Icecrown Citadel raid, including basic strategies for each new boss.

Take a listen below and give us your thoughts on the new podcast in the comments! And if you're looking for an iTunes feed, don't worry: We've submitted the show to iTunes and it should be live there soon. We'll be back with a new show in two weeks.