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Tales of Hearts R

Tales Of Hearts R On Vita Release Date Set

Tales of Hearts R, the first Tales game set for release on Vita, has a release date.

The game will be available on November 11 exclusively for Vita. For more on Tales of Hearts R, you can head here to see the game's E3 trailer. One of the elements revealed about the game at E3 is it will not have English voice over. The game will only be available to play in Japanese with English subtitles.

You can also check out a collection of new screens for the game in the gallery below.

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  • I'll probably pick this up.
  • YES! Gives me enough time to clear out some of my backlog!

  • love me some tales and if you do not get the VAs from Funimation like you did with Xillia 2 then I am so ok with subs. Good stuff!
  • Does anyone know if this will have playstation tv support?
  • I'm not totally shocked that there's only a Japanese dub, Bandai Namco didn't want to spend the money because the game's on Vita. That being said, I normally prefer Japanese dubs when it comes to these games and anime in general, so this isn't a problem for me. Also, it's awesome that we're getting 2 tales games in one year.

  • I hope PS TV will be able to run it.

  • Ya know. Being a Vita title and one with native Japanese Voice Overs and yet with English Subtitles. I could careless. As it is a handheld game. Typically most people play games without the sound on to begin with. Your reading text as it is. All has to do with the portability of a handheld game. Plus it being flexible to not have sound on. Yet still be a bit of a crime to not play without sound on. Headphones people!

  • Really wish this was coming out on the 3DS as well.
  • English dub or nothing. Hell, I'd rather have the option to turn voices off and just keep the text. Please, give me the option to turn off voices if English isn't an option.
  • Makes me think they just got lazy and didn't want to dub.
  • I will be enjoying this on my new PTV!

  • nov. 11! noted. thanks!

  • I want to buy this but the lack of an English dub feels like an insult to fans.
  • I'd definitely pick this up if I already had a Vita... but one game isn't enough for me to drop $200 on a system just to play said game.
  • Awesome! Loved every Tales game I've played.

  • As a FAN of the Tales series this doesn't bother me at all because I am happy we are getting this game period. It needs to do well so that we get Innocence as well. Other actual Fans of the series are also not really bothered by the lack of an English dub since we've been asking for the original JP tracks for years (as is evident in the recent release of Tales of Symphonia) If the JP track bothers you so much... there is a volume slider on your system... use it.
  • I really need to get a Vita. Here's hoping that my mom goes all Richie Rich on me and pulls out her fat stacks to get me a Vita for my birthday. If not, guess I'll have to do the grown up thing and just buy it myself, cause I hate that I'm missing out on so many games.

  • I watch enough anime that the Japanese dubs with English subs are no problem for me. Tales games are usually a good time, so I'll probably get this.

  • Sweet! This is my birthday so I'll be having fun with this game in a few more months :D

  • I played through the Japanese version, it's pretty enjoyable.

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