Borderlands 2’s PlayStation Vita release date has been revealed to be May 13, though, fans can grab it even earlier if they pick up the Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PlayStation Vita Bundle. Along with the release date announcement comes a new trailer showing off what Borderlands 2 looks like on the Vita.

The limited edition bundle is available May 6 for $199.99 and includes a slimmer and lighter PS Vita that has 1GB of internal memory built into the handheld and an 8GB Vita memory card. Additional changes to the Vita’s design include an LCD screen (instead of the OLED screen in the original Vita), increased battery life, and alterations to the back to help with comfort. 

For those who have already been traveling and looting across Pandora, cross-save between the PS3 and Vita is supported. Unfortunately, cross-buy is not included, so if you bought the PS3 version you’ll have to reinvest to play on Vita. 

If you’re new to the Borderlands universe, check out our review of Borderlands 2 for consoles. The Borderlands 2 and PS Vita Slim bundle marks the first time the new model is available for purchase in North America.