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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

Two New Videos Introduce Conception II's Serina And Narika

Atlus has released two new videos introducing Narika And Serina from the upcoming Conception II's cast.

Conception II is a dungeon-crawling, baby-making RPG from Atlus. In the game you "classmate" with the seven heroines in the game to produce offspring with varying abilities. Below you will find details on two of those classmates, and you can find more videos in the links below.

First up is Serina, who seems to want as little to do with the player as possible.

Narika, on the other hand, seems more interested in helping with the fight however she can.

To meet more of Conception II's cast members, head here to learn about Torri, here for Fuuko, and here for Chloe and Ellie. You can also head here for a look at the game's classes.

Conception releases for PlayStation Vita and 3DS on April 15.

[Source: Atlus USA on YouTube, via Siliconera]

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  • Good thing her suit exposes her breasts and naval. That way she can...uh...Well, it helps her to...um...er... Ok, I got nothing. It's a stupid, impractical suit.
  • So, it already has a rating? makes sense that it's M.
  • The Japanese sure do like to be perverted, but for some reason I'm okay with that.
  • So Serina looks at me like every female ever. Who says games don't mimic reality?

    Narika seems like typical Japanese character.

  • So Japan's weird. And in related news; bears still s**t in the woods.
  • Typical Japanese game. It's like cancer...
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    ~Adam Sandler.

  • "Conception II is a dungeon-crawling, baby-making RPG from Atlus. In the game you "classmate" with the seven heroines in the game to produce offspring with varying abilities." ....I can imagine the bloggers reviewing this game will type similar descriptors for the game, pause, stare blankly at their keyboards and remain silent for a while before walking over with a sigh and taking down their framed B.A. in journalism, setting it on fire and dousing it with bitter tears before shaving their heads and leaving their studio apartments to go on a vision quest. It's the same thing with one who loves cinema finding oneself reviewing some tepid CGI family movie, or the wild-eyed programmer who wants to prove Games Are Art getting a job as a code janitor mopping up logic loops and adjusting boob jiggle physics. It really is a strange industry when one thinks about it, and sometimes I think it's only the love those in it have for their craft and hobby which keeps them from heading to the nearest desert or Borneo to find themselves.
  • Looks great!

  • I wonder if you can fu... I mean classmate with more than one girl in a play through. That could mean a lot of play throughs if the main character is into monogamy.

  • That first video was a little flat. The second one was a more well rounded.