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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

New Screens And Details For Conception II's Many Classes

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, the upcoming dungeon-crawling, baby-making RPG from Atlus, has thirty classes, and a recent post details what sets some of them apart.

In Conception II, you "classmate" with the seven heroines in the game to produce offspring with varying abilities. Of the thirty classes that can result from your "classmating," Atlus has revealed a few of them.

The Magic Knights can do both physical and magical damage to your opponents. The Dungeon Masters are useful for exploring the dungeons as they are capable of detecting traps, and performing quick escapes from battle when necessary. The Thief class apparently wears very cool hats and can also unlock special chests that typically require expensive keys. The Cleric sounds like your standard, but very useful healing class. Warlocks are good against monsters with high defense. The Ether Sniper is apparently great for killing bosses. The Paladin has very high defense and is useful as a tank. Finally, the Minstrel can provide support, and is effective at debilitating your enemies.

Conception II is coming in Spring 2014, and it will be getting a first-run special edition. This version comes with a special box and 10-track audio CD. Both the 3DS and Vita versions will retail for $39.99. For more of our coverage, including trailers and more screens, head here, here, and here.

[Source: PlayStation blog]

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  • I want this game to be my first PS vita game but I want to buy the Slim PS vita and this game comes out before that. :Oh god why meme:

  • All I can say is that if Atlus is localizing this, it gives me hope they'll localize the entire upcoming collection of Persona games. Persona 5, I have no doubt of, but I'm also particularly interested in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. That said, if they bring all four of them west, I'll happily pick up Persona Arena 2 and Persona 4: Dancing All Night as well. I love me my Persona.
  • I want this, give us a release date please!
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  • I'm looking forward to this! Gotta love the Thief hats.

  • This game just got interesting. I would like to play the demo.

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  • Every one of those classes sounds like they deserve a place under my command. Can't wait until April 15th. ^_^

  • Is this one of those 1 guy and 30 chicks games?

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