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Velocity 2X

Leave Your Ship Behind In New Trailer For The Sequel To Velocity Ultra

For a game in alpha, Velocity 2X sure does look good. The sequel to Velocity Ultra seems to be shaping up nicely for PS Vita and PlayStation 4, featuring a slick and fluid art style in addition to new on-foot shooting and platforming segments.

If it is anything like the first game, it should make for a great time for fans of scrolling shooters. In a recent PlayStation Blog post, developer FutureLab discussed how the game is exceeding its original visual benchmarks, with the PS Vita version of the game standing toe to toe visually with the PS4 version. You can read more about the process of crafting the game's visuals here.

Velocity 2X currently doesn’t have a release date. If you're interested in checking out more from FutureLab, the studio released a new Vita title this week called Surge Deluxe.

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  • I already bought Surge Deluxe and it's awesome. This looks great.

  • I like what I see on this game. Looks like a lot fun. I'll have to check this out, when it releases. Gonna look into Surge Deluxe as well.
  • I really enjoyed the demo of the first game. The added "out of the ship" sections really are making me excited for this one. I may even go and get the first now.

  • Nice.

  • I am glad that I picked up the 1st game when it was on sale. And will definitely be getting the next game when it comes out I like shooters a lot. Now if I can only get my 64 GB memory stick that I ordered from Amazon that's shipping from Japan this month lol.

  • got the first one for the Vita on a PSN sale just because it was cheap and there were some good comments about it, had an absolute blast, never expected for it to be so good, the teletransportation feature really puts a spin on the shoot'em up genre, the action is frenetic and the music is fantastic, a must buy...

  • Looks awesome. Love the mix up...this is sure to plant a seed in upcoming developments.