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The Popular iOS Game Arrives On Vita Next Month

Furmins, a physics-based puzzle game originally released on iOS, is coming next month to the PlayStation Vita.

The indie game, originally created by Housemarque and developed for the Vita by Ukrainian studio Beatshapers, tasks players with guiding round, furry creatures called Furmins through a level. Players have to tactfully place items around the environment to lead the black and white critters into a basket. 

The Vita version will make use of the system’s touchscreen as well as touch pad controls. It will also include 108 levels, HD visuals, global leaderboards, and Trophy support. Check out screenshots and a trailer for Furmins below.

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  • Now I MUST get a Vita!

  • For some reason this reminds me of Patapon and LocoRoco.

    I miss Patapon, though. The second one was an awesome game.

  • The indie support is great and all, but the Vita needs bigger productions. At least "mid tier" indie games; something more ambitious than these kinds of experiences - has it seen any indie game that ISN'T 2D, for example?

    Sony, for the love of God, throw some dev teams at this machine if you value it at all. MORE dev teams than the guys & gals behind Gravity Daze, Freedom Wars, Tearaway and Killzone: Another One, at any rate. It seems like you're only bringing 3 "real" productions to the platform every year. That's worse than even Nintendo's track record with the Wii U so far!
  • This game looks cute.

  • This one looks like a nice game to play while on a break, but not going to get Vita for it.