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Killzone: Mercenary

Killzone: Mercenary Developer Diary Touts The Power Of The Vita

The Killzone series is an effective showcase for Sony. The games show off the power of the consoles on which they release, and the upcoming Killzone: Mercenary is no exception.

In the latest developer diary for Killzone: Mercenary, the team at Guerilla Games talks about how they didn't have to change much to bring its graphically impressive series to the Vita. In their eyes, Mercenary is a full Killzone game, not just a good- enough-for Vita release.

Killzone: Mercenary releases exclusively on PlayStation Vita on September 10. For more on the game, check out this gameplay developer diary.

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  • And this is why I hate when you take other peoples videos and put them through your god awful video player. I always have issues with your videos, getting stuck halfway through, currently can't hear the audio and yes my volume is maxed on my computer and in the video. I also have a great 30Mbs connection through WOW Cable, and my wifi router is 2ft away from my computer.
  • im a part of the multiplayer beta of this game and i gotta tell ya the graphics do impress the multiplayer plays really smooth.This game will be the true showcase of what the vita can do when devs put the time and necessary resources to work.
  • Huh...here I was complaining about how the Vita gets too many "good enough" console ports and not enough exclusive must haves. This shut me up. For now, anyway.

  • This is pretty impressive...not enough for me to buy a Vita with everything coming out at nearly the same time, money is tight.  

  • The beta is extremely fun and challenging and after a minute you completely forget you're even playing on a handheld. I read a review somewhere that the author said the handheld got uncomfortable after an hour or so of playing it. I found no such affect, even after playing for several hours at a time. This game is the reason I got a Vita.
  • The game looks completely amazing, but I'm still not convinced about the touchscreen QTE's. If you can do those with the back touchpad then I'll shut up.
  • I'm not the biggest Killzone fan, but I'm hoping this one rocks...it's about time the Vita had a FPS that wasn't...mediocre (Resistance, CoD have failed...two of my favorite franchises!).

  • Playing the beta made it quite obvious how powerful it can be. Gamewise the only flaw for me is the aiming scheme. Can't stand turning like a snail then suddenly rocketing off.

  • played the beta and man this looks great :) and plays well too

  • I can tout it as well from playing the beta. It runs like silk save for some network accidents around 1 out of every 15-20 matches, and that was managing eight people across a very detailed and animated map.

  • The power of the Vita is unmatched...on handhelds. I still love mine. Waiting to play this game for a while now.

  • The beta for this game made me want to buy this game and I don't even like multi-player aspects of any FPS. The games ran smoothly (and the only times they didn't were because my internet connection is weak in my room) and being able to escape melee by swiping the front touch screen is really great for someone who is constantly getting caught by surprise. It was also much easier to rank up and get new equipment, being able to have a grand variety in a short time and setting up loadouts for every segment of the match took less than 2 hours for me. This will definitely be the first GOOD FPS for the Vita and gives no excuses for any future ones

  • It is looking pretty nice on Vita.

  • You know what I want to see again? That Dead or Alive 5 trailer.
  • Maybe they'll do a Vita bundle with this.
  • Oh man did it suck when I was looking at the game last Saturday and I realized it wasn't coming to the US until next week -_-

  • I was in the Beta and I gotta say, havent had this much fun with a FPS in a long time... like since Halo 3.   Such a pretty game and utilizes the features of the Vita beautifully.  Cant wait to play the whole game!

  • I will be picking this up Thank you Guerilla for finally utilizing my 300 bucks!!!