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Killzone: Mercenary

Learn More About (The Now In Beta) Multiplayer

Killzone: Mercenary is coming to the PlayStation Vita on September 10, and today marks the opening of the title's multiplayer beta. The test phase is currently closed, but interested parties will be able to get in without a special code at the end of August.

The team at Guerrilla Cambridge has put together a new developer diary to detail what players can expect. The Valor Card system rewards kills, with more money offered up for taking out someone more experienced than yourself. 

Single-player and multiplayer progress is consistent across modes, so even when you don't have a WiFi connection, you can advance your mercenary. Take a look below.

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  • I can't wait for this. This is looking to be one of the best Vita games to date. Between this and Shadow Fall, its gonna be a great year for the Killzone franchise.
  • Thank goodness this game is coming out, haven't put the Vita to much use lately!

  • Good for Vita owners!!

  • This video made me less sad about Tearaway's delay - should be all my Vita needs until November.
  • Wow I'm very impressed. Looking like a full fledged multiplayer game.

  • I know Im not the only who thought this was Killzone news for PS4.......
  • Give me some info on Shadow Fall instead.

  • This is really looking like the console version. Hopefully it means that it'll be good.

  • I got into the closed beta and Multiplayer is very good.  not a hectic as COD is on the vita.  lots of sniping options.  I love it!

  • I think killzone is far more polished than bf3 and a far superior title.

  • There seems to be massive frame rate drops in that video. Hopefully it doesn't drop that like in the real game

  • Will this be the fabled..... first great shooter on a handheld.

  • nice. got a code last virtual E3, and time to dust off my vita. lol.

  • Aside from this and possible God of War/Ratchet and Clank games in the future, there's no other reason I even kept my PSVita

  • I still haven't received my code from the PS E3 floor ...thing... from PS Home. #nerdrage #notreally

  • In another words, I'm forced to play singleplayer, kill anoying and stupid AI bots so I can earn my XP on multiplayer? F*CK THIS SH*T!!!!

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