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Dragon's Crown

Slashing Onto PlayStation 3, Vita August 6

Vanillaware's long anticipated (and a bit too revealing) action-RPG, Dragon's Crown, will finally make its North American appearance this summer. Atlus USA announced today that the title will be available on PlayStation 3 and Vita beginning on August 6, 2013. 

Unfortunately, the title will not support cross-buy. If you want to play it at home and on the go, you'll need to purchase the game twice. Given the PlayStation 3 cost of $49.99 and the Vita price tag of $39.99, this is likely to disappoint those who have enjoyed the program in the past.

We've got three new screenshots, but be sure to take a look at our past coverage. Just make sure you don't do it at work. Some of the outfits are a bit revealing.

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  • I really like its aesthetic, plus it has Atlus' name on it so it must be good. But paying more than 40$ for a digital game is a little iffy for me
  • That is a bummer about the cross-buy, but this title for me was always destined for my Vita.
  • This game shouldn't even be on PS3. Keep it a Vita exclusive. Give the Vita some of its own games to brag about... in my opinion.
  • If this is anywhere near as good as Odin Sphere was, I'll be playing the heck out of it for a while.

  • I wanted this game but minus cross-buy, a physical copy, and a better price for a digital-only copy I will wait and see if PSN has it on sale later in the year.  I just went back to trying to finish Sly Cooper on the Vita and will just wait out for Batman (Hope it doesn't suck), Assassins Creed, Y's, Killzone, and the Sly Cooper Vita collection.  Aaannnndddddd hopefully a few more cool games to be announced at E3.

  • I wanted this game but the sexiness of some of the characters is too much. I would be embarrassed playing this in front of my wife if someone was using those characters. If a game does that to me I won't get it.
  • I'm going to get it anyways but I wish that it were cross-play or cross-buy. I'm having a hard time figuring out if I want it for PS3 or Vita.
  • This is shaping up decently.

  • I will not be playing this game as I am embarrassed by the character models.
  • i'll play the game because the character models look awesome

  • Mod
    Lol at some gamers. I will be buying this game. I am mature enough to know how to respect women IRL despite this games digital women being well stocked and I am mature enough to well be mature while playing the game and focus on fighting the epic bosses they have shown instead of the girls. If you played king of fighters or even Sf then this should not bother anyone the girls look this way.
  • they had silicon back then???

  • I hope they explain why the PS3 version costs more if there is no cross buy program. The two versions are identical as far as I know besides couch co-op.

  • This is a game I pretty much always thought of as a Vita game anyway. Cross-buy would've just been icing on the cake...

  • I didn't even know this was coming to PS3. No cross-buy sucks, though. I guess that's mandatory with two different price points...?

  • Still I have not gotten the impression that Thai game has enough contet to be charged $50 for it . I had hoped to buy it brand new for about $30 or less at release but I guess I will wait .

  • My body. It's ready.