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Silent Hill: Book Of Memories

New Trailer And Screenshots Show Off Co-Op combat

Konami released a series of new screenshots and a trailer for their upcoming Vita game, Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

The trailer shows off some of the combat and briefly explains the concept of the book of memories, which players can edit to change their in-game past. The screenshots show a mix of combat, menus, and enemies.

The game was due out last spring, but has been delayed until October 2012.

  • Been waiting for this since i got my VITA

  • the Vita lineup keeps getting better and better

  • I think I now have a reason to purchase a Vita! I love silent hill hopefully this is done right! It kinda looks like a Res Evil Outbreak gameplay, with the co-op play and yada yada yada.

  • gotta upgrade the memory soon,too many awesome games coming out.Yes, thats a good thing.
  • That is THE worst thing I think I have ever seen... Please Konami,just sell the IP to someone who cares or let it die.
  • Another game that will have people use there Vitas again.

  • Explore the Book of Memories with up to 3 friends? totally awesome. Amazing line up coming to the Vita.

  • This concept sounds weird... and not SH weird. But I haven't played all SHs so maybe I'm wrong.

  • The Book of Memories mechanic sounds reminescent of Avalon Code's book. But since no one played that DS game - and to be honest, the mechanic was pretty obtuse anyway - it's good to see a more popular franchise do the idea.

    Even if this is weird. I mean a)a top down action spinoff of Silent Hill? B) It's for Vita, a thus far unpopular console. And C) Wayforward - a studio renowned for 2D work - is doing this 3D game. This is a weird project all around. AT least it's something new for Silent Hill - I'm tired of them chasing SH2. That's a "moving target" - the further we get away from it, the more rose-tinted fans' memories of it become, the less likely it is that any newer game can live up to it (even though Shattered Memories and Downpour are better. There, I said it). This is something completely different, which is probably best for Silent hill at this point.

    Though maybe Konami should just abandon the name and start up a new horror franchise.
  • DONE!

  • This game sounds like it's gonna suck, but I love Silent Hill

  • I understand that they're trying a new and different approach for the SH series ( which isn't a bad idea ) but this game doesn't interest me at all.

  • somehow, the still shots look better than the video...?

  • It's going to be hard making a strategy game scary. Having allies takes the fear derived from not knowing what's behnd you, or having to take on hordes of enemies with your bare hands. More importantly, if you can "rewrite" such a terrifying past; why WOULDN'T you?