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Silent Hill: Book Of Memories

Silent Hill: Book of Memories Rewrites History

In honor of the Day of the Dead, Konomi has released a new batch of screens for the upcoming PlayStation Vita survival horror title Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

Book of Memories will give fans a chance to play through an entirely new co-op campaign. The story begins when players receive a strange book filled with all of their memories. By altering what's written, players will be able to change the past.

Book of Memories is set to release in February. Read about the Book of Memories reveal here, and check out the screens below.

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  • An interesting twist, I wonder how it will pan out. It certainly doesn't have the same scare factor, but maybe it'll actually be fun to play. Also, is it just me or did anyone else think about Baldur's Gate: DA and Champions of Norrath when they saw the screens? I know, completely different genres.
  • Konami, Vatra....why do you have to *** with silent hill fans like this

  • They dare to call this Silent Hill? Why is every publisher slowly killing off their big name IP's?

  • It's like a Silent Diablo. In other news...From now on, the "Hack & Slash" genre will be called either "Hack" or "Slash" because they are the same thing. That is all.
  • What an odd direction for the Silent Hill series to go in.

  • I don't think this is canon, so I'm not getting pissed off like other fans seem to be.

  • That sounds...fairly stupid, actually.

  • While I hate to sound like a scorned fan, I just don't know how many more of these SH games that don't FEEL like SH games I can take.

  • I'm actually very intrigued by this game, and I'm a long time Silent Hill fan. I'm curious as to what my fellow Survival Horror Group cohorts think of it so far.... Deckard, Aaron, Elisha?

  • so i'll be the first to say i like it,the fact i'm seeing familiar monsters is cool.as for the whole change in direction,i welcome it.all you ranting haters should come to accept team silent is dead.silent hill will never be the same.ever.
  • This doesn't look very good, but the concept sounds cool.

  • As much as I loath this concept, its not important to the series. Its just a spin-off. It won't stop me from enjoying Silent Hill or the upcoming Silent Hill Downpour.
  • SIutty Jill: Book of Mamories
  • I miss Team Silent and Akira Yamaoka. This game looks dreadful. Here's to hoping downpour is way better than this poor excuse for a game. Ugh, I mean, Silent Hill isn't even supposed to have health bars, and this perspective is horrible. I could be wrong, but this looks like an attempt to cash out on a series that is supposed to be incredible and terrifying. This looks... like an iPhone app. Graphics are okay, but this is pretty pathetic plot and gameplay for a "Silent Hill" game.
  • Wow, this looks really stupid.

  • Why don't they just do a chibi-style platformer where players have to collect hearts and do beat-style musical minigames? Ok, it could be evil music minigames...sigh...

  • Sounds interesting. This might be one game I want for the Vita.

  • Man, the Vita can really pump out some impressive visuals! The re-writing memories premise sounds very interesting as well.

  • I definitly want this!