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Natural Doctrine

English-Language Trailer Offers A Taste Of Combat

The latest trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 4, Vita, and PlayStation 3 RPG Natural Doctrine is in English, and shows of the some of the game's combat.

The game is a strategy-RPG where players search for the desirable mineral Pluton and uncover dark evil along the way. The game will offer cross-save functionality across its three platforms.

For more on the game head here and here. Natural Doctrine releases September 16.

[Source: NIS America on YouTube, via Gematsu]

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  • So tempted to buy this game I hope it ends up being another hidden gem like demons souls
  • I'll be keeping an eye on you...
  • sword crotch!?

    Yet another game on Playstation I want to play but can't.

  • Is this cross buy as well? It would be great to have on my Vita, but if I have to make the choice I would get it for PS4.

  • So my game budget. (Which is really free time allocation) for the remainder of the year is 2 games. One is Dragon Age Inquisition. The other is a toss up between Destiny and Natural Doctrine. Games like ND play closer to my strength. I like shooters, but I am just not twitchy enough for MP.

  • I have really high hopes for this game. If it plays anything remotely close to Path of Radiance for the GameCube and maybe a little bit like XCOM it will be a must buy for me. I can't tell from the video if the combat is pre-judged statistics ala Fire Emblem and XCOM or real-time like Demons' Souls. I'm kind of hoping for a mix of that.

  • I am looking forward to this game, hope it is worth it.

  • I would really like to commend Sony and the makers of Natural Doctrine for the availability of the game on multiple platforms, and for the ability to cross-save between platforms. It's a really cool functionality that I would like to see more games support.

  • Keeping eye on this. Is it Playstation Exclusive?