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Space Hulk: Death Wing

New Trailer Shows Off Space Hulk: Deathwing For PlayStation 4

Focus Home Interactive and Streum On Studios are building this Warhammer 40K-themed first-person shooter on the Unreal 4 engine, and it’s looking quite impressive.

As the name suggests, its based around the popular Warhammer 40K board game set Space Hulk and casts players as a Space Marine from the Deathwing company. From there, well, basically, you are going to shoot a whole bunch of stuff in search for treasure and ancient technology. So far, this looks pretty badass.

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  • Man, the last Warhammer FPS I played was Fire Warrior back on the PS2. I remember liking that one quite a bit. This ones shaping up to be pretty cool.
  • Whoa! That looked crazy!! It sure has me interested. Can't wait to actually see some gameplay on this, when it's available.


  • Some how this reminds me of that space marine game that came out not too long ago but in FPS.
  • At first look, I thought this was a WoW expansion, or a Blizzard spin-off.

  • Seems like Warhammer should have a bigger presence in video games. I loved Dawn of War and Space Marine so I look forward to seeing more of this.
  • I hope it turns out great and maybe I'll get a PS4 sooner than I planned.
  • Space marines left me hungry for another warhammer shooter so im really looking forward to this game

  • To shine some more light on what the space halk is, its about a group of space Marines, not always deathwing chapter though, and tyranids, a race of aliens, bugs what alot of players say. Its about very close quarter fighting. You go from room to room discovering and ambushing ( thats where tyranids come in, there very, very good at it, some even can cloak, hence the lictor, a bad ass if you what it is. ) and trying to survive. If this game is anything like the tabletop game, you all will be surprised how fun its concept is ( even though a disk game will likely be $50-60$, the table top game cost hundred's if not thousand of dollars to play! ) I'm a huge warhammer fan! If anyone has questions about space halk, please ask. ( if your scratching your head asking, what the hell is a tyranid, think star ship troopers )
  • I play Dark Angels in 40k the interrogator-chaplain looks awesome.

  • woah...

  • I rather see a Space Hulk game following a similar format to XCOM. Space Hulk was a turned based board game, and a great one at that!
  • I rather see a Space Hulk game following a similar format to XCOM. Space Hulk was a turned based board game, and a great one at that!

  • I hope this turns out well. As a fan of the fiction, I'd love to see some more 40k games make it.

  • Sold! heh heh

    I'll have to keep playing Death Angel the card game until this comes out.

  • The game is supposed to be coming to both the Xbox One and PS4. I'm not sure why this trailer only says PS4, but this one shows PC, PS4, and Xbox One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNT8LQnImiI
  • Why a misleading title, it's also gonna be on X1 AND PC...

  • Cool trailer. I'm looking forward to hear more about how the actual game is.

  • I absolutely adore the art style!

  • finally a new Warhammer game! we need more of this amazing universe in the gaming scene.