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Dragon Ball Xenoverse

New Character Fights His Way Into Series Canon

After retelling TV series canon for more than a decade, the newest Dragonball Z game brings a narrative twist with an all-new character.

Revealed at E3 2014, Dragon Ball Xenoverse introduces a new, caped character with spiky, red Saiyan-style hair and iconic scouter who battles through the events of the show. Though we don’t know this new character’s name yet, we do have some screens of him interacting with existing Dragon Ball Z mainstays.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse will release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. For more, check out our coverage of the demo at E3 2014 and watch the latest Did You Know Gaming video on Dragon Ball Z games.

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  • He looks like a future Gohan with red hair to me. Maybe the older version of Gohan traveled back in time? Very curious... Looks cool nonetheless. :)
  • Maybe there's character creation, and they can be used in the story mode.

  • It's Gohan.

  • I'm guessing that guy is "you" and you get to tbe the hero playing through the story.

  • Please tell me this new character points to the development of a new DB series. I know it's unlikely, but PLEASE!
  • I'm confused. Are they basically just taking the DBZ story and replacing key characters in the storyline with this new guy, or is this an original story?
  • Does anyone else notice that he is wearing some of the stuff Trunks wore when he can back to the past for the first time? (Except the cape and scouter)
  • Maybe Gohans great, great grandson? I don't remember any saiyan with red hair and since a saiyans hair only changes during a transformation ( except for the great ape ) I have no clue. That and I thought saiyans hair was always black when they were born? ( ok brollys was kind blue but had black too ) Maybe he has nothing to do with the main cast and was a survivor when freeza destroyed Vageta! Dammit, now I want answers!
  • He looks like a fusion of Ultimate Gohan and future Trunks with Super Saiyan God colored hair...
  • Looks like an OC. Which most likely means you'll make your own character. Is there really any other doubt?
  • Huh, maybe I'll actually pick this up!

  • I see a future Goten.

  • He looks cool!!!

  • That's obviously a created character as nothing about his design makes sense. Having a scouter implies that he's from Frieza's empire, but Trunks's Capsule Corp jacket and pants says that he's from Earth, then there's Piccolo's cape which is self explanatory, and what appears to be Gohan's hair. Yup, created character confirmed.
  • Those are some big Dragon Balls Krillin has. They're bigger than his head. Edit: It might sound wrong, but I didn't mean it that way. I think. Just trying to remember if they were that big. I know Krillin is small, but I don't remember him being that small. In other news, editing removes the ability to make paragraphs and such.
  • I bet its an alternate version from a universe where Goku loses against Frieza.

  • Looks more like a created character as opposed to a new character created for the game.
  • It's Crono!
  • If it's not a created character, then my bet is on Future Gohan. He certainly looks like Gohan, and he seems to have Adult Gohan's hair. The Capsule Corp jacket is similar to that of Future Trunks, and the cape would be an obvious homage to Piccolo, Gohan's first teacher. The scouter seems out of place, but it could just be for visual effect. After all, his hair resembles a SSG, so he may not need it.

  • He really looks like Gohan, but it's likely this is character creation, which is pretty cool too.

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