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Another World

Updated Visuals And Features Coming To The Classic Adventure Game

Another World, the highly innovative classic adventure game from the mind of Éric Chahi, is being re-released for the modern age. The new versions will include higher resolutions, cleaner anti-aliasing, and smoother animations. It will also feature both the original Amiga soundtrack and the updated Sega-CD soundtrack.

As it is releasing on the three Sony platforms, it will feature cross buy, cross save, and cross platform trophies as well. To get a taste of what's to come, check out the trailer below.

Another World is set to release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita on June 25. No release dates have yet been confirmed for the Xbox One, 3DS, and Wii U versions.

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  • Seems pretty cool!

    I have this game on my phone from a Humble Bundle but never got around to playing it. Hopefully I will play it this time around.

  • I've beaten this game countless times. If the 3DS version actually has 3D effects added to it, then I'll have to buy it again.
  • Mycaruba in HD. Sweet.
  • Danny Sexbang from Game Grumps/ Ninja Sex Party is probably crapping himself right now, this is one of his favorite games of all time.

  • Haha, guess what guys. I've had this on my PC for like, forever now. DRM free, too. Besides, any PC can run this game, why would anyone want a DRM-ified copy on consoles? Seems like a pretty dumb idea to port this game.
  • Is that you Mike Aruba?

  • I blame Game Grumps
  • I sucked at this game as a kid. Gonna have to give it another go.

  • I recorded a playthrough of this on a VHS tape once. Once you know what to do you can beat the game in like 15-20 minutes.

  • I've already gotten this game on a Steam Sale and on Android, so I think I'm going to have to pass on this. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if this game goes on PS+ at some point.

  • This game was known as Out of This World in the US.

  • Mod

    What's up, Mike! :D I honestly think I'll check this out, thanks to the Game Grumps.

  • Oh my God I used to love this game as a kid! I cant wait to show this to my cousin that used to play this with me all the time! We knew it as "Out Of This World". Great surprise to hear this being released again....nice!
  • Ohhh dear lord.. i am definitely buy´n this game for my PS4.

    I have so menny fond memories of this game back when i was a kid.

  • awesome news, this game rocked when it first came out.

    too bad its not coming for xbx 360 which is very odd considering its avail for everything else.

    look forward to the old classics being able to be put on tablets and pads as they can certainly handle the requirements.


  • Watch the Game Grumps Episode of this game.

    You will laugh your assess off.

    Mile Cruba says so!

  • I've wanted to play this game for sometime. Will more-than-likely get for my Vita.