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Lords of the Fallen

Lords Of The Fallen Does Little To Distinguish Itself From Dark Souls

When it comes to Lords of the Fallen, its developers Deck 13 and CI Games have not been shy about its similarities to Dark Souls. At a recent extensive showcase of the game, executive producer Tomasz Gop openly embraced the comparison. Gop said the game has its similarities to the Dark Souls series, but was confident it would be able to ultimately stand on its own.

During that showcase, Gop played through a section of the game leading up to a boss. At E3 this year, I got a chance to play that same section myself. I expected it to feel like Dark Souls, but even with those expectations, I was still surprised at how similar the two games are.

I recently spent a lot of time with Dark Souls II, but put the game down when I beat it. It’s now been two weeks since I touched the game, but I immediately felt the muscle memory take over when I picked up Lords of the Fallen. The controls were mapped the same, and even special attacks used in Dark Souls – like tapping up on the control stick and the more powerful shoulder button attack simultaneously for a leaping attack – worked exactly the same.

The same tactics I used in Dark Souls II like relying heavily on rolling to avoid attacks, also felt the same and even looked similar. Additionally, when I died, I received an alert on screen that I had recovered lost experience when I returned to the area I was killed.

There are a few elements different from Dark Souls that I saw in my demo, but it will take playing the full game to see if these changes will be substantial to the complete experience. Lords of the Fallen is a brighter game with more color. It’s a dreary, danger around every corner world, but I spotted shades of purple, blue, and red that would seem out of place in Dark Souls. Lords of the Fallen also seems more accommodating to the player. In one instance, I was being chased by a large shielded enemy that fell through a covered hole in the ground that I was able to walk over without issue. I didn’t defeat the boss in my demo, but I did pick up his patterns much faster than I did fighting any Dark Souls bosses. I am confident I could have defeated the boss with only a few more tries.

It’s not a complaint that the game feels so similar to Dark Souls. It’s a favorable comparison and I don’t think there is any reason not to recommend Dark Souls fans keep an eye on the game, but I was blown away at just how much I felt like I was playing Dark Souls. There are some potential avenues for Lords of the Fallen to use to set itself apart from Dark Souls, like its story, its pre-determined protagonist, and the elements listed above, but it will take a much deeper dive into the game to see if it truly can stand on its own as Tomasz Gop predicts it will. For now, rest assured that if you enjoy Dark Souls, Lords of the Fallen will offer a similar experience and from what I played, it's worth your interest and excitement.

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  • I would like to play this. Looks very visually appealing.

  • They say imitation is the most sincere form of flaterry and it seems the gaming industry takes that quote to heart. You can see this pretty well in Steam, where there are at least dozen survival/crafting games based on Day Z and Minecraft.
  • Mod
    Last generation, everything was Call of Duty and zombie games. This generation, looks like it's going to be Dark Souls and zombie MMOs! Huge generalization? Who cares! Just give me a Monster Hunter generation along with some zombie dragons and I'll be happy. I'm also surprised that Sony chose not to show this game during their E3 presentation this year. Pretty sure that it had it's own CGI trailer last year.
  • Don't know if I should be happy or worried. I don't want a ton of games to imitate Dark Souls...There's no problem with that but...well...hmm, really don't know what I'm trying to say.
  • While I have heard this a lot, the gameplay seemed much faster than Dark Souls. Dealing with speed in Dark Souls was such a big consideration, I find the difference pretty important. I'm sure I'll get booed for saying so, but I hope that this game ends up delayed into the early part of 2015. I'll need until at least January to catch up with so many of the titles already confirmed for this fall. Still, this game certainly doesn't rank under all or even most of the titles on my current list. However, something's got to give.
  • It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....
  • All I ask for is that there's an option to turn down the Dark Souls like difficulty.
  • Seems like we can't go five minutes without a Dark Souls related article on this site.
  • Why must the solution to hand-holding be frequent and untimely death?

    And why must this solution be so much FUN?

  • Wow... I was just having a discussion about clones and rehashes in the bloodborne article and whaddaya know. Clones have sprouted up already...

  • The game seems more like "Darksiders" meets "Dark Souls".
  • looks interesting but i won't play it...demon souls was too hard...spent 4 days trying to complete the first stage and couldn't...no thanks...want to, but can't...
  • i hear fromsoftware invented the 3rd person dungeoncrawler when they made dark souls. :P
  • Highly disagree i'm afraid. My brother plays Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 regularly so i can clearly see they are completely different. Then again if it's an RPG with a good combat system and some of the locations are dark it must be like Dark Souls.
  • Well though I see some similarities I hardly think they are the same. Yes there is some influence in the gameplay of Dark Souls but it seems faster and a bit different at the same time as the Souls games from what I've seen from footage of E3 this year.

  • I am so happy other game studios are following From Software's lead. The Souls franchise are easily some of my most favorite games and I'm completely okay with getting some more games similar to them. With that said, I don't have the most confidence in Deck 13 to deliver the kind of polished game play I've come to expect from the Souls series. A quick look at there back catalog shows they don't really have much relative experience. We have the Ankh series of point and click adventures and Venetica, which was awful. Hopefully, despite that which I mentioned above, Deck 13 can bring it home this time around.
  • Awesome! It's also coming to PC, so I don't need to care about Bloodbourne if this game turns out epic. I really want Bloodbourne, but the less reason I have to buy a PS4 the better. Also, GI, you need to put the rest of the systems it's on at the top of the article, you made me think it was PS4 exclusive, and I was gonna be really sad.
  • I only hope people talk crap about this game being a clone of Dark Souls just like Dante's Inferno and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow got after being compared to God of War.

  • When I get a PS4 (white version of.course) I'm picking up Bloodborne as I'm pretty sure it will keep me busy for a long time. This game will be the Xbox fans equivalent of that game.
  • Interested nonetheless.

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