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LittleBigPlanet 3

Getting By With A Little Help From Your Friends In LittleBigPlanet 3

Sony received much enthusiasm for its E3 press conference announcement of LittleBigPlanet 3. The original platformer stood out for its creativity and adorable mascot Sackboy, but this time around, he has some friends to help him get through levels. We got to test out a 4-player co-operative level, showcasing what Sackboy’s new pals bring to the table.

Unlike previous entries in the series, where everyone had the same set of abilities, LittleBigPlanet 3 provides three new characters with their own unique powers. If you play as Swoop the bird, you can fly to high areas or pick up the other players, providing extra opportunities to collect hard-to-reach stickers. Oddsock is super fast and his speed allows him to wall jump. Toggle is a transformative character. In his regular form, he’s heavy, stands on switches, and he’s also your brawn. He can pull heavy objects barring the path forward to get the gang around. You can also transform him to a mini version that can squeeze through small areas. Honestly, from our demo, he was doing a lot of the heavy lifting as his abilities afford him a little more flexibility to get everyone around. 

We only played one brief level in our demo, but it was clear everything that’s fun about the platforming was in place, like switching between planes and finding a way to navigate through the level via the various obstacles and jumping puzzles. The basic gist of the gameplay was using your character’s distinct ability to afford the others a path. I worry about the balance in levels in regards to different character abilities. Levels might cater more to certain ones than others, especially the user-generated ones. That could leave someone out and potentially bore other players during certain sequences. That being said, the platforming was smooth and felt on par with other entries. Additionally, you can also customize your character regardless of who you choose and put them in costumes. I played as Oddsock and put him in a monster suit to make him even more distinct on screen.  

The 4-Player multiplayer is accessible through adventure mode, or you can take the gang through user generated levels. You can still use your couch and four controllers or play online for multiplayer, no matter your preference. We can't wait to see more levels, as we have a feeling things will only get more creative from our brief introductory one.

LittleBigPlanet 3 releases some time in November.

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  • I'm pretty excited for this.

  • Can't wait to tick off the gf by repeatedly knocking stuff over as Toggle.
  • A must buy for me, perfect Christmas gift for my son, I hope they release a special edition like with LBP2.
  • I love little big planet! Will pick this up come November
  • this announcement made me literally exclaim for joy. the new characters are painfully adorable. and even though this isn't being developed by media molecule, i have high hopes. :)

  • LBP Vita has been my favorite entry so far, mostly due to how well the touch and motion controls were implemented. I'm curious to see how the touch pad and limited motion of the dual shock 4 will be used, as well as the Vita via remote play/control.

  • Yes I am ready.

  • Wait, so you have to use all 4 characters in every level? I assumed the creator of the level would determine which characters are used, similar to how certain features are included in levels now. This makes me wonder about the inclusion of all past levels. Certainly for LBP2 levels they'd let you use 4 sackboys instead of the whole gang, right? So, I think levels would only bore a certain character if it was designed poorly for that character. Also curious how single player works, if there's the ability to switch to a different character mid-level.
  • I'm a rather creative person, but it takes so much time to make great things in this game. I wish I had that kind of time. Nonetheless, I love LittleBigPlanet!

  • But can I play as JUST Sackboy?

    From how the trailer looked it appeared that you couldn't progress at all without using the new characters which will not sit well with my family.

  • I can't wait to play this. :)

  • Yes! Yes! YES!!!! I've been waiting for this! I'm getting it either as a birthday present or CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

  • Awesome and all, but what is the purpose of Sackboy in that case? It'd be a shame to have an entire character there just for being the mascot.

  • I think the new characters are too cute. Sackboy is cute, but this is too much. Still excited though, LBP2 was great, now I just need a PS4.
  • LBP3 is also coming our for PS3, didnt see it mentioned anywhere on GI.