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A Look At The Terror Of Bloodborne From Dark Souls' Creators

Fans of the Dark Souls and Demon's Souls franchises can expect no relent in Bloodborne by From Software. Take a look at these new screens from the exclusive PlayStation 4 title.

The game takes place in the city of Yharnam, which is overcome by a strange illness that has spread madness and death across its streets.

Bloodborne comes out in early 2015 for the PlayStation 4.

For more on the game, take a look at its debut trailer.

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  • Well, this announcement may have just sealed the deal for me. I've been on the fence about getting a PS4 or Xbox One since the launch (leaning slightly PS4) but now it's looking like I'll be making the switch to PlayStation.
  • Well I think there goes the rumors of it being a Solomon Kane game.
  • So Demon's Souls is a spiritual successor to King's Field, while Dark Souls and Bloodborne are spiritual successors to Demon's Souls? All 4 series made by From software? Are they going to eventually stick with an IP?
  • Anyone else getting a "Nightmare Creatures" vibe from this?

  • Obviously really early but with From Software's track record, I think this will be a 2015 GOTY contender along with Witcher 3, Uncharted 4, Destiny, Zelda for Wii U, and Batman: Arkham Knight. God 2015 might be the best year of gaming ever.

  • this looks super interesting. i'm in.

  • Blood and gore with a goth feel...I'M IN

  • Can wait for this to come out, so hype.

  • So From Software effectivly cut their potential market in half if not even less by selling out and going console exclusive. Too bad they cant learn from CD project RED and have it be exactly the same on all platform, looks like im done with any game From is making in the future(if a pc port aint made) =*(
  • This game could make one crap themselves it appears.

  • Please get more info on this game! I have a constantly updating google search running for any new news, rumor has it March 2015! Earlier than I expected, so excited.

  • Umbasa!!!!

  • Why Miyazaki? WHY?!?!


    Guess I've gotta go find $400 for a PS4... damn exclusives.

  • the screens and setting look fantastic, but I really don't want another Souls game. we've been playing that for 5 years, it's time to innovate. and no, a "gun" doesn't = innovation.

    I need to see gameplay to really judge, but from what I've read so far, this game uses the same sound effects, mechanics, healing items like humanity and similar enemies.

    I really wish From would move away from the Souls IP and create something fresh, rather than just recycle what they've already done.

    we'll see...

  • Anyone remember the game Nightmare Creatures for the original Playstation? If this is like that, it should be great. The visuals are obviously an improvement.

  • I really wish people would just stop b*tching about games being exclusive.