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Madden NFL 15

Release Date And First Teaser

Try to ignore the confusing naming convention (last year’s Madden title carried the number “25” in celebration of the series hitting the quarter-century mark). Today we’ve got our first (ever so brief) look at Madden NFL 15.

The short clip features Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly and his in-game model. EA promises that we’ll see more in June.

This year’s cover vote will be announced on May 8, coinciding with the NFL Draft. Madden NFL 15 will be out on August 26 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.

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  • LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKE!! Good to see someone from the Panthers represented.
  • American rugby.
  • You guys just know that a Seahawk will be on the cover. After the superbowl it can't go any other way.
  • Hell yea! I love to see a Panther getting some love!

  • EA sports....smh

  • I hope Russell Wilson or Richard Sherman is on the cover.
  • new madden! seriously the only game i need year in year out

  • Because no one owns a Wii U anyway...

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  • how do you tease people with madden? it as been pretty much the same game for years...those who like it will buy it again and some wont..this is a type of game that dont require a teaser cuz there are barely anything new except the graphic maybe. there is so much you can do to a sport game
  • Since EA can't exploit college athletes anymore, I am fully anticipating the announcement of another exploitative game to replace it. Personally, I'm thinking a Puppy Bowl game would achieve it. All they need to do is make the dogs age as the year goes on, and people will want to buy the next year's game just so they have the cute puppies again.
  • I wonder if it will have "reactive crowds" like last year.

  • I wonder what improvements they'll bring. Updated rosters you say!? What will they think of next!?
  • I'm interested in this as a yearly NCAA player. Now that Madden has the scraps of that team I wonder if they'll make a big push or not to try to grab all us lost NCAA fans

  • I hope there's a special edition that comes with Sunday Ticket again! Last year's Anniversary edition was a steal!
  • I'm not picking this up, same stuff every year, still $60? No thanks.

  • I love football and I love Madden games, but after last years complete lackluster experience on next gen, I won't be getting it unless I know 100% this time that what they show and what the game actually delivers isn't completely different.

  • I haven't bought a Madden game in so long, that if what I see in video reviews of this game after it releases and I like it, I may buy it. We'll see if it truly is a next-gen title or not unlike the Madden 25 port that released during the launches of the PS4/Xbox One.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my return to Madden during last years Madden 25 and I'm excited to see what new things EA Sports will throw in this year but I really hope the ground game is updated. I noticed that most of my time playing as my running back was less than spectacular due to the game in the trenches so I hope to see more from EA on what they're doing on the front lines.

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