The PlayStation 4 version of MLB 14: The Show is still a month off, hitting store shelves and PlayStation Network on May 6. We've secured a handful of new screens that show off some of the impressive graphical details included in this offering.

The Wrigley Field shot gives us a good look at one of the new field types – bladed grass – but the blur effect in the background hides the details that we really want to take a look at, like the cityscape and scoreboard. In the Minute Maid Park image, take a close look at the lighting and how it reflects off of the Veterans advertisement and player's jersey. The ball is also partially shaded in the glove. Some of the shadows are a little sharp and jagged. In the Yasiel Puig screenshot, if you lean in close to your computer screen, you'll see new uniform details, including different fabric types and number stitching.

The final shot is of a crowd at Yankee Stadium. This is one of the biggest graphical leaps made between generations. The PlayStation 3 crowds have only 42 unique character models. When viewed from the pitcher's perspective, they are blurred, outlined, and don't move fluidly. On PlayStation 4, the crowd is comprised of over 1,000 unique models, including children for the first time. From any angle, the entire crowd looks sharp and moves fluidly.

These screens were taken in late March, and, from what we are told, don't represent the final level of details Sony hopes to include in the game.