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EA Sports UFC

Bruce Lee Entering The Ring

EA has released a couple of new details for its upcoming game EA Sports UFC, including a June release date and word that players will be able to enter the ring as martial-arts legend Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee can be accessed in a couple of different ways. He becomes unlocked after you beat the game on the pro difficulty setting or higher, at which point you can enter him in matches in the flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, and lightweight divisions. If you're impatient, you can also preorder the game from participating retailers and have immediate access to Lee when the game arrives on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 17.

“I am so excited about this opportunity to bring my father back to videogames!” says Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter, CEO of Bruce Lee, LLC and Chairperson of the Bruce Lee Foundation. “I’m thrilled that fans can now interact with him in a new way. The EA Sports UFC development team has been incredible to work with, and they've done a great job capturing the look and feel of my father. I think people will love getting a chance to fulfill a fight fantasy by playing Bruce Lee in the new UFC game.”

You can see a glimpse of Lee at the end of this new trailer:

For a deeper look at the game's fighting mechanics, take a look at this trailer.

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  • I'm glad this finally has a release date. I will be picking this up day one.

  • I was gonna say where's chuck Norris but I forgot Bruce lee killed him in one of his movies.

  • BRUCE LEE!!! I haven't purchased an MMA game since the Dreamcast, but I'm about to break that fast for this one! Not only is Bruce Lee one of my heroes along with Tesla and a few others, but the game actually looks like it plays pretty well too. Seems like they're taking into account motion an weight physics which is vital to a game like this. My only concern is if having Bruce Lee as a character breaks the gameplay balance?! Haha. He should be able to fight in every weight class. If I went into an octagon and saw he was my opponent, I'd just kneel and tap the floor. "Nope! I'm out!!"
  • Bruce Lee is a playable character!!! I will get this!!

  • There goes $60 for me. Oh childhood heros are costing me.

  • I guess this is a tribute to him but he didn't practice mixed martial arts. His character would be out of place in a game like this.
  • Don't care for the pre-order character but as it nears, the fighting mechanics look good, just can't wait to hear more about the in-depth features they'll be bringing. Hopefully they have executed the CAF better than THQ, also hoping for a dynamic career/franchise mode.
  • lol pretty bad when you gotta add Bruce Lee to get people to buy your game

  • Cool idea, and the game looks good, I hope they get the fighting gameplay down

  • The look Bruce Lee gave at the end sold me.....Game over everyone. Bruce Lee is coming to Xbox Live!

  • Mod
    There's going to be a DLC for Anderson Silva's leg
  • I can see it now. First DLC will be Chuck Norris.
  • Seems like EA is reaching with Bruce Lee. I liked the UFC series when it was under THQ, and it looks like EA might actually be able to pull this one off.

  • LEGENDARY!...But the devs have their work cut out if they plan on topping the work Namco did with Tekken's Law character. Also, on the other side of the OP coin, how raged will people be when their Lee gets grounded. Plus what move set will he have- everything? BTW, i'm all for this. It's like when Jordan finally decided to include himself in the NBA games.
  • Wasn't planning on pre ordering but was wanting this. After reading this I just finished my order. Cant wait to play as little phoenix.