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Infamous Second Son

Official Preview Gameplay Trailer

Infamous: Second Son is nearly here now, with just over a week until it releases. Those who are anticipating its release should check out an official preview video that was posted on the PlayStation Blog today.

The preview features both Delsin Rowe, the game’s protagonist, and Fetch Walker, who has the power to control neon. Like the previous Infamous games, choice plays a big role. In this playthrough, Delsin has convinced Fetch to help him fight against anti-Conduit protestors and Department of Unified Protection.

We recently did an episode of Test Chamber for Infamous: Second Son with Sony Computer Entertainment America producer Greg Phillips. Infamous: Second Son will release on the PlayStation 4 on March 21.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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  • Is this suppose to be difficult?
  • Not sure if this is a problem with the footage they released or if this will be in the game, but the sound is awful.

    When they jumped into attack at the beginning if was silent. No one screamed or even seemed shocked they were being attacked. Just silent.

    Then when the fight is kicking off the two characters are talking like they are just stood next to each other in a quiet room. They would have to be shouting to each other to talk over the stuff that is going on...

  • I already have my collector's edition reserved since last year. His powers are incredible and exploring the massive city is going to be a blast!!!!!!!!!

  • This game is looking better every time I see something new about it. Glad they are expounding upon what made the previous titles interesting and keeping it fresh.

    Also, hats off to the devs for showing some self control by limiting certain detail leaks like the power cut off at the end.

  • Release date is sooooo close I can almost smell that fresh plastic on the case. Next week is gonna be Christmas in March for my a$$! Bring on Ground Zeroes and Second Son...son!
  • I have never played any of infamous games but i loved this game play so much that i am going to buy all previous infamous games as well as second sun. I cant Believe i didnt play this game still

  • smoke powers look way more badass

  • Nice! Next Friday should be awesome!!

  • Here in Australia, we can't get the game and the PS4 bundle sadly, but that has to be the best gameplay so far, can't wait to play that mission and the game.