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Infamous Second Son

Official Preview Gameplay Trailer

Infamous: Second Son is nearly here now, with just over a week until it releases. Those who are anticipating its release should check out an official preview video that was posted on the PlayStation Blog today.

The preview features both Delsin Rowe, the game’s protagonist, and Fetch Walker, who has the power to control neon. Like the previous Infamous games, choice plays a big role. In this playthrough, Delsin has convinced Fetch to help him fight against anti-Conduit protestors and Department of Unified Protection.

We recently did an episode of Test Chamber for Infamous: Second Son with Sony Computer Entertainment America producer Greg Phillips. Infamous: Second Son will release on the PlayStation 4 on March 21.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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  • Man, man, man... I'm trying to get my hands on that Infamous: Second Son PS4 bundle... This game should be really good!

  • Never played any of the infamous games. Is it going to be as good as everyone is hyping it up to be?
  • I see they still have that last scene censored. I think it's a smart move not showing off to much of the game before release. Cant wait to play it!

  • I wasn't going to get this at launch. This convinced me otherwise.
  • One more week. I'm playing through Festival of Blood now in anticipation.

  • this still looks pretty bad
  • Everyone says TitanFall was hyped too much...well Titanfall now has an equal. Everyone said Titanfall was COD with Robots but after watching this gameplay...wow Infamous is Prototype and Crackdown with Neon Lasers. I was seriously thinking of getting a PS4 because of this game but the gameplay on what I just saw was not very impressive most of the time he didn't even know what he was shooting at just shooting for the sake of shooting and the targeting system not locking on to the enemies. Now dont get me wrong the graphics are beautiful with colors flying everywhere...awesome. But that gameplay is just not my cup of tea. Great looking game though.
  • This close to release I won't be watching any videos of the game. If I even catch a whiff of something of importance in an article, I don't read it. I can't wait for my collector's edition to show up via Fed Ex on the 21st.

  • This game is going to be epic.
  • I just bought a PS4 yesterday. Arkham Knight and the impending release of this game pushed me over the edge. I can't wait!

  • Watching the video on my iPad and the character voices are way above the sound effects and in game music, was this done on purpose in the game's settings for this gameplay video or is it default sound? It just didn't seem right.
  • Too many gamers are jaded now. People are like titanfall is call of duty with mechs different guns and new characters. Too many gamers are just being hipsters. Let's just say dark souls 2 is like final fantasy except no turn based combat different characters different weapons different stories. But they are the same cause they are in the rpg category. Or rather jrpg I think. So annoying. Why can't gamers appreciate a good game. Given I know they are some really hyped games I didn't like. But people just seem to hate on games just to hate. A lot of points people make are even stupid. Idk just gamers these days are strange. I just enjoy gaming. Dark souls 2 has consumed me.
  • The sound effects are pretty cool but other than that the game seems like it would get boring pretty quickly. I'll probably just wait off until The Order to pick up a ps4.
  • Looks like a lot of innocent people dying in this trailer lol

  • Between this, Ground Zeroes, and Dark Souls II, I'll be spending the majority of spring break indoors.
  • OMG that UI is just plain awful. None of the information on the screen seems implemented properly and it looks like a simple coat of paint over the on-screen action which is nothing impressive in of itself. Unfortunately for Second Son, graphics alone don't equal a good game.
  • Did anyone else notice his coat reflected his Karma? It showed the bad eagle dominating the good one just like in the top left corner. I wonder if it changes if you go down the Good Karma route. That's a cool little detail.
  • Very nice indeed. Wish we had this on PC.

  • So smoke and neon... I can't wait to find out all the other powers Delsin aquires.

  • So it comes out on a Friday? Looks like my weekend is fulfilled!

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