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The Order: 1886

[Update] The Order 1886 Trailer Shows Off In-Engine Knights

Sony has released a new trailer for upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive The Order 1886. While most of it is cinematic, there is a short bit of in-engine footage near the end.

The Order (or, as we know them, the Knights of the Round Table) fights supernatural creatures, protecting London from evil. This new trailer is a refresher on the premise and a nice reminder that this title is on its way and looking good. For more, you can check out our coverage hub for our November 2012 issue.

Update: Sony's PlayStation Access channel has video of The Order: 1886 Gameplay. You can check that out embedded below.

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  • Definitely will have a PS4 before this comes out! This game is gonna be so sick!

  • morse code touchpad! who woulda thunk it?

  • Man, the gameplay looks generic as hell. Add that to the fact that its supposed to be super linear with no multiplayer, no thanks.
  • Check out the behind the doors play on ign for more. They said it plays just like Gears of War 1 and has a lot of technical issues. With that said, it does look like a cool game and I'll pick it up when I get another ps4 early next year.
  • Amazing :3 So excited for this

  • Oh man, this is a gorgeous game, I don't think anyone could deny that. I will admit that the gameplay looks a bit generic from what they showed here, but I'm sure once they show full gameplay videos later this year that they will hopefully show more advanced combat.

    Also, this is why I love Playstation Access. They are able to get good gameplay videos and interviews regularly. If you are a PlayStation person and are not sub to them on YouTube, then you are seriously doing a disservice to yourself, cause they have a lot of quality videos on upcoming 1st and 3rd party games. The only problem with them is that they are all British...ehhhh.

  • The graphics look amazing I must admit, but the gameplay isn't anything we haven't seen before. Hmm a 3rd person cover-shooter with a dark atmosphere and monsters as enemies...where have I seen this before? Not to mention the QTE melee executions which RYSE was ridiculed for will probably get praise in this game simply for being a PS4 exclusive.
  • Steampunk Uncharted. I like it. A bit unsatisfying that they didn't have more gameplay, it's my bread and butter for making a purchase, not just cutscenes. Then again, I speak as an MGS hypocrite. May or may not have a PS4 for this alone, but gimme FF XV by early 2015 and I just might.

  • I am going to have to put aside my annoyance at at the playstation plus stuff. I need this game!

  • Mod
    I really want to get this game! Hopefully I will be able to get a PS4 soon. The footage at the end of the game was amazing.
  • I am getting this for sure.

  • I'm so damn excited for this game!

  • Wow this is looking excellent. Can't wait to play it!

  • Colin on IGN got to see some hands off gameplay and said it raised many concerns. Specifically framerate and gameplay related. Apparently it plays like a generic 3rd person shooter. Doesn't really do much new. Hope that's not the case.

  • Looks fantastic. Can't wait to fill out my PS4 collection as the gen goes on.

  • this is the game that inspired me to get a ps4. can't wait

  • Totally off topic, where can I find a N64DD? Ebay is useless.

  • looks awesome can't wait for this

  • Can't wait

  • We don't have a release date yet, do we? I really want this game...