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Dying Light

Dying Light Video Teases The Outbreak And Upcoming Reveal

A short video appeared online recently teasing some kind of Dying Light reveal for Tuesday, February 11.

The video, which you can watch below, shows a few very short snippets of gameplay, zombies, asks if you're prepared for the outbreak, and shows what appears to be the unplanned removal of a limb. The video ends with a date, February 11, and the game's logo.

For more on Dying Light head here for nine-minutes of gameplay footage.

Thanks to RSTAR7824 for the news tip!

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  • Isn't this coming out on xb1 also?
  • I know I'm part of a minority here, but I really enjoyed the first Dead Island. Riptide, not so much. But anyway! I'm looking forward to seeing how the quality of this game will compare, now that Warner Bros. replaced Deep Sliver.
  • I'll buy this, but it's definitely not on my most anticipated. It just looks like a prettier version of Dead Island with parkour added in. My friends are excited for it though.
  • So this is coming out on February 11, I thought it was coming out in March.
  • Really excited for this game. I hope it lives up to the hype.


  • Can't wait for this game

  • Very little hope for this game. Techland has yet to wow with a single one of its zombie games.

  • Release date reveal possibly? April 21st, calling it.
  • YESS! My first tip! Your welcome Gameinformer!

  • Dead Island is a love/hate game for most people. I personally loved it. It does have flaws, but what open world game doesn't? I think it's a fun game. Granted, Dead Island: Riptide wasn't all that great, and at launch, was expensive considering it's just a big DLC. I can't wait for Dying Light, so far it looks amazing.

  • I'm stoked for this game!! I loved the original Dead Island although I loathed riptide. Judging from what I've seen this game looks f'n great.

  • Not on my radar

  • is release? is that it? 11/01 is the release. i guess

  • 1-4 players? Similar to Dead Island co-op but with a crap ton more running/traps? Talk to me.

  • I'll stay optimistic, I guess...