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Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition

Dynasty Warriors Premieres On New-Gen With Xtreme Legends Complete Edition

Dynasty Warriors is making its first appearance on a new-gen console with the release of Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition next month.

The game arrives on March 25, alongside the PlayStation 3 version of the game, which lacks the "Complete Edition" subtitle. To make matters slightly confusing, however, the PlayStation Vita version of the game (which releases the same day) will also be called Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition. You can check out some screenshots for the PlayStation 4 version of the game in the gallery below.

Xtreme Legends is a re-release of last year's Dynasty Warriors 8 with new episodes for Lu Bu,  five new characters upping the total count to 82, more hypothetical scenarios, expanded Ambition and Challenge modes, and and an added Ultimate difficulty level.

For our review of Dynasty Warriors 8, head here. To see the full press release for the announcement head to page two.

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  • Mod
    Don't mess with LU BU! *now with added particle effects* Sometimes, it just plain physically hurts to not have a next-gen console. This is one of those times. So many feels.
  • Yeeeeeah buddy! Still love this series! :D
  • Oh Lu Bu, you so funny lookin.

  • So much in March. Its not even funny, there are 5 games so far that month I want to get.

  • It appears that Dynasty Warriors will be the third next-gen game I purchase. Exciting!

  • I may have to buy this just to add something to my PS4 library. Which currently consists of one game. killzone shadow fall which I cannot even be asked to complete because the end boss is a small bald man wearing bin liner. I need some interesting PS4 exclusives! Next Gen is a *** wasteland.
  • I've never been that much of a Dynasty Warriors fan but it's a great game for mindless fun. I think I'll get it so that I'll have something to actually play on my PS4 (other the AC4 that I'll probably buy soon).

  • I've been waiting for the first news of a Dynasty Warriors release on this new generation of consoles! DW is a guilty pleasure, but I'll wait for a price drop before picking it up.

  • I wonder what other games will start to get announced for PS4 now that the system is gearing up for it's Japanese launch? I know there's also a Nobunaga's Ambition from Koei (Zzzzz) and the Kadokawa Games Strategy RPG, Nocturnal Doctrine (or something?). That one looks promising - we need more Valkyria Chronicle-type games coming out of Japan, boy... so I wonder what other Japanese-developed games will start to get announced, and which ones will work their way out West.

  • ANOTHER March release?! Ugh. March is a cluster this year.

  • same garbage made in koei for the past 15 years. no thank you!

  • i just realized i can get the new ones now since i'm going to get a ps4 first :)

  • Damn, was really hoping for an xbox one release...

  • Meh. Dw5 ftw
  • Ive ben super psyched for this ever since i saw the teaser its a day one pick up for me.

  • Might wanna try a Dynasty Warriors game sometime just for the sake of knowing what Hyrule Warriors is inspiring itself by.

  • wow. next-gen!

  • The hell?

  • Oh hell yeah! I've been waiting on this since DW8 was first announced, especially since Koei has been screwing over its overseas fans for the past few years. I'm buying this the day it comes out, come hell or high water!

    Now I get to start worrying about whether we'll be able to play DW8:Empires, Warriors Orochi Complete, and Samurai Warriors 4 here in the States...

  • I love dynasty warriors no matter how repetitious it feels. I'll definitely get it for the vita later on

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