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Deep Down

Get One Last Look Before The Ball Drops

Capcom’s free-to-play dungeon crawler, Deep Down, takes place in a scary New York City filled with monsters. No, this isn’t the 1970s. It’s a demon-filled future.

We’ve got one last trailer to close out 2013. If that’s not enough for you, check out our hands-on coverage from Tokyo Game Show. The title is scheduled for PlayStation 4 open beta on February 22, 2014, in Japan, which coincides with the launch of the console in that territory. A North American release has yet to be confirmed, but with the trailer offering spoken English, it's looking hopeful.

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  • This game looks pretty good! Kinda of like Demon's/Dark Soul's and Dragon's Dogma. Can't wait for a US release!!
  • I just realized something. I think I'm tired of Japanese games where you constantly fight "demons." It's as bad as seeing zombie just plunked down into any Western title as an over-used bad guy trope. I would really like to see something scary, post-apocalyptic, etc, without having to resort to tired ideas like demons, zombies, and mutants. /micro rant Also Mike (if I may be so bold), you mentioned this was launching on a console, but not which one. I didn't realize it was PS4 until I scrolled up and saw the little logo up there. Semantics, perhaps, but a tad confusing. I must have missed any previous article about this one.
  • This is shaping up to be one of my most anti***ted games of 2014. I'm getting a Dark Souls-esque vibe from this game, and that excites me (Dark Souls II being last-gen only hits me right in the feels).
  • One game I have been keeping a close eye out for, and one of the reasons I want a PS4 console. I hope it does make it to our shores, shortly after the japan release.
  • I coulda swore this game looked TEN times better a year or 2 ago. The graphics were insane and the reason I wanted to get a PS4. But now.... this looks more like current gen! This is the trailer Im talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMyhILQUqBI Looks almost real! Wtf Capcom fck you for trolling us....
  • The only thing that kills this game for me is that is a free to pay game.
  • The game impressed me at the PS4 reveal and the other trailers shown of it continue to impress.  I am wary of the f2p model but I cannot see a reason not to try it, since it is f2p!

  • Lets hope they get better music. This sounds like every other over-dramatic tune ever heard in a Japanese game. I also hope that other sounds are not done in a Japanese style, Characters should have a greater dialect than: "Ah!" "oh!" "Ooah?" "Oowao!" and "Aaawoooh!".
  • This is so Final Fantasy.
  • So if this is the japanese version of Warframe (I know it is more like Monster Hunter meets Dark Souls meets Dragon Dogma) then that would be awesome. I mean I am still hooked on Warframe.
  • This game looks great, I wonder how Capcom will afford to keep it online seeing their financial situation.

  • I really really hope Capcom does well with this, but I'll be passing based on what I've seen so far. With each new video I just find myself less and less interested. But who knows? Might turn out to be really fun!

  • I hope Capcom/Sony release a boxed retail version of the game, with all the freeium stuff included.
  • Wow this got me less excited, just make dragons dogma 2 guys.

  • This looks awesome. Cant wait to play.

  • Ah sadly it's nothing like my first impression, where I thought it was going to be kind of old english in those times.. but instead it is some twisted future in new york, where people are wearing armor from the castle age, while having magical powers.

    Thanks to this video www.youtube.com/watch I have a much clear perception, because that arcade like trailer one here almost completely turned me off. It doesn't seem like a must have, but it matches the okay to play area for me.