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Battlefield 4

DICE Talks Battlefield 4 For PlayStation 4 In New Interview

In a new interview, DICE creative director Lars Gustavsson talks about how the studio helped optimize Battlefield 4 for Sony's next-gen console. Check it out.

  • Destructible Building's on Next Gen Hardware is going to be insane. I cannot wait to see what the game's look like on the PS4 & XboxOne in about 2 years
  • I am so *** excited for Friday it's not even funny. I'm already taking half a day lol
  • Very Awesome like Battlefield 4 real war wow video saw. People in Build attack Big Destroy can fall people die wow. I love real Battlefield 4.

  • Can. Not. Wait. For. Friday. Morning!!!! I have always wanted 64 player BF, now its finally right around the corner. Three more days!

  • ehm... the game crashes every second match on PC, for everyone. Will it crash on PS4 same? People paid 120$ for Battlefield 4 + Premium, and unable to play on PC, PS3, Xbox360 normally, and yet, we still see advertising about how cool and smooth Battlefield 4 is.
  • I didn't hear much about any exclusive PS4 BF4 features. Everything mentioned in the video is available also on Xbox One.

  • PS4 comes out the 15th I tried to reserve 1 but it was too late. Does anyone know how much time (days, weeks) I have to wait before I can buy 1 ?
  • Will this unplayable disgrace be fixed by Friday? .. I doubt it, maybe they should do a video on how their game freezes & crashes every hour, a problem that persist across all platforms even pc. So why should I be excited for this on ps4 or xbone when they're touting a broken/unfinished game.
  • I still think EA is the wrong company for this franchise. Look at how bad the PC version is doing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MknLARblrDQ
  • Looks better on PC.....

  • the 22nd cant come soon enough!!!

  • How about DICE and EA fix the current versions out and stop worrying about this next gen. Unless they plain to shell out the same crap to them as well. Which is what I'm expecting with EA calling the shots.

  • "Battlefield 4 looks hot!  Which is ironic with how often it freezes."

  • Minus the server problems we all have been experiencing Ive been trying out my extra PS4 controller which you can hard wire to the ps3 and it works for at least BF4 and it is beyond responsive. I had to actually turn my sensitivity down due to how fast you can turn and fire Im in love with my new controller. To use make sure the ps4 controller is hardwired to the ps3 and select battlefield 4 using it not your dual shock 3 and it works great.

  • I'm done talking about Battlefield 4! Hey Dice, what about Mirrors Edge 2? Got any news on that?
  • I didn't realize peaking around corners used the gyros...awesome. same with head movement in aircraft. pretty cool

  • I thought the campaign in BF3 was pretty descent but I've read bad reviews on BF4 campaign but I'll check it out sooner or later.
  • guys just play on PC thats what your getting...

  • How much more hype can BF4 get for PS4 and XB1 about "next gen" this; "64 player" that, etc? Can't say we ever saw this full court press on how well the PC version was going to preform, look, etc. I enjoy my console gaming, but this franchise I play on PC and PC looks like they get short end of the straw way too much when it comes to media coverage, hype, etc.

    Just seems like video game media hypocrisy in how these "next gen" game features are blown up in our faces for consoles but with the same features on a PC its like "(boring voice)...oh by the way PC version has all this too" with a who cares vibe to it.

    Dunno I guess what I'm trying to say is why are they being so hyped when its really some features that have been for BF for years and years (64 player, next gen graphics, etc.)

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