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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Extinction Mode Comes To Call Of Duty

Call of Duty: Ghosts is just one week away from launch. We’ve known about the single- and multiplayer modes for some time. The Squads mode has been detailed, also. Today we’re learning about something a bit more unnatural.

Extinction is coming to Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts. This new mode pits a team of up to four against mutant creatures. Activision describes the offering as a blend of survival action, base defense, and scavenging.

You can learn a bit more in the trailer below, featuring a few varieties of the monsters. Call of Duty: Ghosts is out for Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on November 5. Next-generation versions will be coming alongside the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more on Call of Duty: Ghosts, check out our coverage hub from the October 2013 issue.

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  • So Treyarch made a good thing with Nazi Zombies in World at War, then they milked it, so Infinity Ward has to steal that concept, alter it a bit, and now they will milk it. Nothing will ever beat the WaW Nazi Zombies, but this company is getting a tad desperate to keep fresh.
  • I guess it was only a matter of time before Infinity Ward's CoD games got their own version of Zombies. Hopefully they can do something interesting with it to make it stand out from Treyarch's signature Co-Op mode.

  • LOL! Is this a joke? This looks so stupid and bad!

  • Honestly, this doesn't bother me.

    Yes, many game makers are slapping in a horde mode with just about everything and many suck.

    However, some games, this is a good mode. Especially with the base building and scavenging parts added to it. Sometimes, I don't want to play against humans with my friends.

    Sometimes I just wanna try to survive one more wave against computers opponents with them.

  • This looks boring. Looks like a mode where all you fight are the most annoying enemies from Treyarch Zombies, the hellhounds.
  • Is this their way of hinting a new game or is it just a MP mode?
  • I think they should end the call of duty franchise and put a new focus on sci fi. the series seems to move in that direction anyway...

  • This looks more Xcom then Call of Duty..
  • Looks like a completely serviceable co-op zombie replacement. I respect that they do try some new things with their multiplayer suite. It would be awesome if halfway through the single player campaign they just add aliens. It would come at a complete surprise to everyone that Cod goes full on Sci fi halfway through the campaign, then you also get full use of jetpacks and other cool stuff. If this happened I would consider getting a Cod game again.

  • So I guess this is replacing Spec Ops? Well that's a real shame.

  • Its good to see something different on Infinity Ward's behalf. It looks good on a "by myself effort" point of view. But I ask, Is there a law or policy in ACTIVISION that prevents TREYARCH & IW from working together?? Or do they just don't ask for each others help out of "Pride" for who makes the better COD?? Somebody please explain it to me because as far as we know, they work for the same company; right??. Because I know that If IW & 3ARC TEAMED UP FOR A COD GAME. WE DIEHARDCORE COD FANS WOULD AT LAST GET A GAME WITH THE QUALITY OF CAMPAIGN AND ONLINE THAT COD4:MW HAD & WITH THE AWESOMENESS THAT WE GOT IN WaW WITH NAZI ZOMBIES. NOT BATTLEFIELD, HALO OR ANY OTHER WOULD STAND A CHANCE AGAISNT CALL OF DUTY AT LAST.
  • WTF IS THIS Activision?!!!!! Omg.... Definitely going to BF4

  • I'm ready!
  • and this is why I refuse to pay for a call of duty game... I really wish they could just make a new franchise instead of milking cod, thank God titanfall is coming out

  • Discount Aliens: Colonial Marines?

  • As much as I don't like playing these game modes, got to give them credit for having something unique in what is a generally bland shooter. I can definitely see similarities to the Zombies mode, which is a shame because that is just as milked as this franchise by this point, hopefully the idea of it being more a defend this point style gameplay and the monster variations keep it from being a repeat of Treyarch's Zombie Mode.

  • Well, it doesn't look very great at all. I'm willing to try it, but either way, they presented it poorly.

  • Why is this in the top stories? Seriously, who actually cares about this?

  • Hopefully this will encourage Tryarch to make major improvements to Zombies, sick of starting with that crappy pistol, and those stupid barriers, honestly innovate a bit.
  • Can we get an entire game based off this setting?

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