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Need for Speed Rivals

New Need For Speed Rivals Footage Shows Off AllDrive

Need for Speed Rivals is out on current- and next-generation systems next month. Ghost Games has taken over the franchise, upping the social features with the new AllDrive system. Take a look at how that will work in a new video.

AllDrive will blend single- and multiplayer, allowing players to crash into ongoing events. Players can harass fellow racers or take on the role of the police and thwart progress while wagering "speed points."

You can see it for yourself below, check out a preview from Gamescom, and pick up Need for Speed Rivals on November 19 for current-gen systems and PC, and on November 22 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • Awesome! I'm all about harassing people. Those graphics look fantastic, I can't wait to play the multiplayer in this game.

  • Intresting

  • Meh. NFS hasn't been the same in years.
  • I'm confused... is AllDrive just a new name for the same gameplay mechanics they've already been talking about?  Because I totally thought that was what this game was built on the whole time

  • Cant wait! Love my racing games.

  • I'll be excited if these features work as advertised. In most online games I find out that there's a game breaking bug or exploit that I didn't know about that allows someone else to completely ruin the experience for me. We'll just see.

  • Wouldn't it be November 15th for PS4? Not 22nd?

  • Playing this on my PC as soon as it releases. Looks like some crazy racing fun.

  • Why would I play this when Forza 5 comes out at the same time?
  • looks ok

  • Dammit. Now that I'm playing GTA V like crazy I don't think I need another game until I buy a PS4! And this NFS looks awesome!