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Console Demo Will Be Playable At New York Comic Con

Anyone going to the New York Comic Con this weekend should be sure stop by Capcom’s booth to try out the console version of Dustforce, a popular indie title developed by Hitbox Team. The side-scrolling, parkour-style platformer was initially distributed last year through Steam.

Capcom has released a number of new screenshots, character art, and a new trailer, all of which can be seen below. Dustforce will be available as a $9.99 digital download on the Playstation 4, PS Vita, and Xbox 360 in January 2014.

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  • This game is soooo good! I got it from the humble indie bundle for pennies though ....

  • No Wii U? ;_;
  • I considered this my runner-up for GOTY last year. It is more unforgiving than Super Meat Boy. It's a platformer meant for the pros, and it is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!

  • I buy wait Ps4 to download try free demo see dustforce.

  • Why have I never heard of this before!? This is the game that was made for the clean freak within me!

  • While the premise is kinda weird (playing as sweepers, dusters and stuff like that), it's also really cute, in a way.

    The music is definitely amazing! A true call back to the days when music was both simple AND memorable, rather than one or the other- a definite nostalgia trip. I'll pick this up at a later date for sure.

  • Well, now I have something to set aside 10 bucks for come January. Thank the lord for extra holiday money. Just hope this is the fun "I see what I did wrong" type of difficult instead of "oh, so you want me to rip my hair out" difficult.