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NBA 2K14

TV Commercial Shows Off PS4 Gameplay

With NBA 2K14 launching on current generation consoles tomorrow, we get another glimpse of what the game looks like on next-gen consoles. The trailer tries to show how close PS4 graphics are to real life by contrasting real and virtual LeBron James. The game, developed by Visual Concepts, will be available on current and next-gen consoles. You can see the latest trailer below, and be sure to check out Matt Bertz’s extensive preview.

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  • damn harden looks real
  • man that joint looks insane
  • I'm not a fan of sports games, but that is pretty impressive.

  • if that screen of harden has no trickery to it, that must be the best graphics yet... blows your mind to think what games will look like at the end of ps4 and xbox one's generation

  • Man I wanna get this game but my unwavering hatred for Lebron doesn't allow for me to own a game with his face on the cover. Oh well maybe next year.
  • sick just sick i cant wait to get my hands on this in november

  • Wow...even tho I dont play sports game. I might just have to get this

  • Looks good!

  • 5 seconds of gameplay... clothing looks good but they still got weird looking faces

  • I would love to see Visual Concepts make a new football game now. Since EA is done with NCAA, the door is wide open for ANYONE to make a "college" game with original teams and be on equal footing should EA ever re-enter that space. It won't be like All-Pro Football trying to take on Madden again... it would be like All-Pro trying to take on Blitz: The League, which is a fight 2K could definitely win.

    I miss Visual Concepts' Football. Might bust out my Dreamcast and play a few rounds of NFL 2K just for old times' sake...

  • Need to see more gameplay.

  • And EA Sports cancels Live yet again.

  • Wow!! The character models look absolutely gorgeous on the next gen, I'm impressed. I hope Madden NFL will deliver the same quality of character models and detail.

  • I'll wait for reviews between Live and 2K. Even then, I might wait and buy it for the PS4 instead of PS3.

  • I have lost interest in sports game a while back now, as they all look and do pretty much the same. Especially basketball and football.