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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Latest Walkthrough Is All About The Pirate's Life

In a new Assassin's Creed IV developer walkthrough, Ubisoft gives us a look at the life of a pirate on the open seas. You'll get a chance to see how the open world of the Caribbean comes together on land, sailing the seas, and swimming under the clear, blue waters.

The trailer gives a look at the historically-critical process of salvaging sunken treasure, invading smuggler dens, and dealing with pirate hunters that look to sink the Jackdaw. In case you've wanted to re-enact Jaws, you can also harpoon a number of sea creatures, including sharks (something we experienced at Gamescom 2013).

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag will be out on Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 29, 2013. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases are planned for the launch of those consoles.

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  • Is it just me . Or are these games becoming less about assassins and more about just adventuring
  • IDK about this game still, cause ACIII really bored me.
  • I don't mind if there's a lot of stuff to do again, as long as the actual story lets me plan and execute the important assassinations myself again. It certainly looks beautiful. I've pre-ordered my special edition last night.
  • I really hope this game is good with as much marketing as they've done for it. I swear, we get like two new videos every week showing stuff off about the game. I can't watch a damn youtube video without seeing a advertisement for it.
  • Damn, look at those sharp graphics.

  • I have actually totally lost interest in this franchise :/ Loved the first game, and the second game was pretty good, but i never even finished it ( i have played and finished AC 1 3 times) and i got brotherhood as a gift from a friend... Played it a little but it never really caught my attention. I simply hated Ezio, so when i he was gone, i borrow AC 3 from a fellow student... Can't say i was disappointed, since i hadn't invested anything, but it yet again failed to reach that amazing thing that was AC1.. I love the pirates theme and i really hope more pirate games (especially RPG's!) will spawn from this (other IP's) but i can't think of a time where i thought : " I wan't a pirategame where i am really really sneaky and hunt templars..." I have always thought: "I wan't a pirategame where i am a loud, nasty, stinkin' pirate that cuts out peoples guts, with a big ol' badass ship, with a crew that freakin' fears me, and i'll run in, flintlocks blazing and cutlasses swinging, and i'll *** some broads!" ... Not bloody sit in a tree and come down from above after eavesdropping.. come on man.. Give us a real pirate game!! where you can customize your ship and your own pirate or something. I've been waiting for forever for a good game like that.. (Risen crushed my dreams ;( )
  • If only I was 21. I'd plunder stashes of rum, get drunk, and sail the virtual seas! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGH!!!!!!
  • I am so excited for this game, seriously cant wait.

  • Can't wait for this game! I love the whole AC series.

  • I'm super excited for Black Flag but I do fear it has totally left the "Assassins" in "Assassins Creed" behind. While I did enjoy ACIII, I cannot recall one assassination mission that was really challenging or fun. This really worried me especially in regards to future releases. The best entry in the AC IP is Revelations in my opinion. That being said, the world of Black Flag makes me moist.
  • What a beautiful game.

  • This looks really fun!

  • I love seeing almost all these third-party multi-platform games demoing with the PS4. Makes me happy :)

  • Release date should have been September 19th imo...

  • I really can't wait for this to come out.

  • This looks great, sadly I probably will not be able to afford it.

  • I'm hoping Black Flag will be my jumping in point for Assassin's Creed, but I'm afraid what little cash I'll have is already dedicated to A Link Between Worlds and Mario 3D World.

  • The pirates' life: it's all ya need.

  • I'm really hoping several of the bugs that have plagued the AC series are finally being addressed, like civilians free-running up walls, guards automatically facing your direction after you successfully stealth ledge grab an enemy, etc. Also, I still find it mind-boggling that they don't go the Rockstar route of multiplayer, dumping several players in the open world to run around together, especially with the current setting.
  • Anyone else see the harpooning and think it plays just like resident Evil 4's Del Lago boss fight?
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