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Sony Releases Rime Announcement Trailer

If you missed the Gamescom announcement of Tequila Works' intriguing new PS4 title, now's your chance to get caught up.

Spanish indie developer Tequila Works released its first title, Deadlight, to generally positive reviews last year, but is trading in the zombie apocalypse for something a little more artistic for its sophomore release. The brief trailer for Rime shows a caped boy running across sandy beaches and billowing fields, climbing across ledges, and fending off shadowy creatures with a torch. The music strikes a somber tone, and although the visuals have their own distinct style, the game reminds me of some of Sony's other artistic adventure titles, like Ico and Journey.

The trailer reveals that Rime is in development for PlayStation 4, but neither Sony nor Tequila Works have said anything more about the game since Gamescom. Hopefully, the companies will share more soon, but in the meantime, check out the video and the images below.

[Source: PlayStation YouTube Channel]

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  • This game looks beautiful. Love all these more aesthetically pleasing games.

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  • This looks absolutely stunning. The music alone gave me chills. I think Sony is really out to wow fans this gen. Can't wait for more footage.

    Side note: Did this "feel" a bit like Princess Mononoke to anyone else?

  • GUYS..GUYS...

    I think we found our next Rain/Journey,god Rain isnt even out yet..