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Sony Releases Rime Announcement Trailer

If you missed the Gamescom announcement of Tequila Works' intriguing new PS4 title, now's your chance to get caught up.

Spanish indie developer Tequila Works released its first title, Deadlight, to generally positive reviews last year, but is trading in the zombie apocalypse for something a little more artistic for its sophomore release. The brief trailer for Rime shows a caped boy running across sandy beaches and billowing fields, climbing across ledges, and fending off shadowy creatures with a torch. The music strikes a somber tone, and although the visuals have their own distinct style, the game reminds me of some of Sony's other artistic adventure titles, like Ico and Journey.

The trailer reveals that Rime is in development for PlayStation 4, but neither Sony nor Tequila Works have said anything more about the game since Gamescom. Hopefully, the companies will share more soon, but in the meantime, check out the video and the images below.

[Source: PlayStation YouTube Channel]

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  • We need more games like this and less *** of duties. Disclaimer: Above statement is both opinion and fact.
  • I remember seeing that trailer and thinking how much it reminded me of Ico, how beautiful it looks, and how I really want to play it right now. Also, you guys really need to get a better video player. I couldn't get 5 seconds in without it stopping and restarting itself. It's awful.
  • I wouldn't think I'd like this but it seems pretty interesting, looking forward to more info.

  • As Jeff said, this looks like something from Team Ico. I'll have to keep an eye on this.

  • Very interesting, looking game indeed. Nice art style.
  • One of the few interesting PS games

  • Ummmm...... The Rime announcement trailer was all over Youtube the moment after the game was announced at Gamescon. The fact that this video was put on Sony's channel doesn't exactly make it worthy of its own news article.
  • Loving the art style.
  • Rime, huh? Sounds...cool.

    Get it? Cause..rime...Thank you goodnight!
  • Ico cross Wind Waker!
  • This game looks awesome and I dont know anything about it.  So glad indies are a big part of next gen.  Tired of AAA titles and I want to play more games like Journey, The unfinished swan, limbo, dokuru, closure, papo &yo, sound shapes, thomas was alone etc...

  • Cannot wait for this. With Rime, The Witness, and Transistor, the PS4 is really shaping up to be a great platform for amazing indie games

  • Looks interesting, I'll be looking out for more info about this game.

  • This game looks like it could be something pretty cool.

  • What was that thing at the end?! Looked like an alien or a giant plant. Looking forward to learning more about this title.

  • The character reminds me of Ico, but the game seems more reminiscent of something That Game Company would have art directed. None the less, it looks beautiful and super intriguing.

  • This is such an amazing looking adventure :)

    Exclusives like this are why I'm a Playstation fan and don't look back... well, that and Microsoft's horrible failure-prone hardware and annoying customer service. You get all the world class, AAA, bloated budget, mainstream action you can handle with titles like Uncharted, God of War, Killzone & Infamous, as well as fun, colorful, polished, Nintendo-esque stuff like Sly Cooper, Puppeteer, Ratchet and Littlebigplanet, and also some of this memorable, unique, experimental indie fare. Games like Journey, Papo y Yo and Stealth Inc. are all awesome too. Plus, nobody else has Ico, Twisted Metal, Jak & Daxter, Motorstorm, etc. Best teams in the world, flat-out; Sony can put out a world class game in any genre at this point.

    Rime just looks like another beautiful, interesting, can't-miss exclusive Sony game to add to the pile, and another reason to pick up a PS4 someday soon. Can't wait to see what they're gonna show at TGS too!
  • Yeah this does remind of ico. Is it a full game or a psn title? Nothing in the preview suggests this has to be a next gen only game.

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