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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Swimming With Sharks In A Pirate's Life

Ubisoft's next Assassin's Creed is all about the pirates life, but that wouldn't be complete without some open ocean diving for deep sea treasure.

In Assassin's Creed: Black Flag you'll be able to explore over 50 different Caribbean settlements from Kingston to Havana, but I wasn't interesting in walking across beaches or scaling buildings. As soon as my Gamescom demo started, I took off my shirt and dove into the water.

Edward keeps a diving bell aboard his ship, and players will be able to make active use of the thing anytime they are on the open ocean. In fact, you'll want to make a few dives because the sea is pockmarked with riches.

The diving bell is a real historical device that some pirates would use to access deep water or enter hidden caves. As the name suggests, the device is basically a giant bell-shaped anchor that traps enough air underwater to sustain a diver for long periods of time. After the bell has been lowered, Edward can dive underwater and go search out treasure or other sunken goodie and then return to the bell for respite when he needs air.

As I swam around the sea, schools of fish floated by and I could see sharks off in the distance. I grabbed a few chests worth of treasure and then started to head back to the bell, but got attacked by an electric eel along the way. Unfortunately, while diving underwater, Edward doesn't have access to any of his weapons or equipment, so I had to fight the eel off with my bare hands. The blood in the water alerted some sharks and I barely made it back to my bell before becoming chum.

I can't wait to mine the ocean for all its worth when Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag becomes available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U on October 29, or PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November.

Check out Tim Turi adventures on the open ocean from earlier this week.

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  • Eh, 3 was a letdown. I wish this wasn't an Assassin's creed game and instead a new IP. Would have given them some lenience and they could finally drop the boring present day story. imo.
  • This reminds me, I'm still waiting for a Sharknado game.
  • Mod
    I don't know what band is playing during the Assasins Creed IV video, but I do know that they've clearly ripped Kanye West's beat from the song "Jesus Walks".

    I wonder if you'll be able to find Atlantis under the sea... And don't forget the Bermuda Triangle! I feel like one of these two locations will play a big role in the game.
  • Underwater segments in games are notoriously tricky to manage well, but this sounds like it should fit in quite well with the whole Black Flag milieu.

    I am curious about the actual mechanics of underwater exploration, but in general, I'm all for having more ways to explore and interact with the AC world.
  • I hope every NCP wont be as good at free climbing as you are. It gets kinda annoying. (I'm looking at you Ben Franklin.)

  • i like how they are giving black flag a whole new feel to the series
  • I hope they got help from Infinity Ward to teach them how to program fish AI that swims away.
  • I like the Assassin Creed franchise. But even more so I'm a huge age of sail, as in that time period, fan. I love old fashioned ship sailing and that kind of combat. That's the main reason this is the first game I'm going to buy on PS4. I hope it's successful. I'd like to see more of these types of games.
  • AC3 was a below average game, why did they have the longest tutorial in video game history when its the 5th installment? Anyway this game looks like its gonna get this franchise back on track.
  • I think this game has set itself up to capitalize on the previous installment's greatest triumphs and distance itself from the drawbacks. Exploring a huge area has the added benefit of an ocean and underwater diving. Combat looks even more inviting and improved. The 4 pistol aspect eliminates waiting time. Multiplayer is always unique. The ship aspect was incredible in ac3 and in Black Flag they just took the ship and made it the center of the game. You can climb trees. I don't know how the story will turn out (both past and present stories in ac3 were lackluster) but the videos so far are promising. They return the cities to where rooftops are an assassin's tool and not their demise. All in all I have faith in this game and reminding of why I love the series.
  • Mild Spoilers- Be warned

    I loved AC 3 and had hoped they continue with Conner's plotline, They made several games (and An animation movie) to continue the story of both Ezio's (From Cradle to Grave ) and Atair (from 20s to death and years after) and we only get to see Connor where he is just starting the real fight (His whole journey was a personal one, now he must fight for the people) and we were left with a weird DLC where you get to be an animal? meh

    In the novel, Edward didn't seem like an ex pirate but a gentleman and a respected one and he was young then, right?

  • Swimming with sharks is going to be epic!
  • Never got into the AC games; always gave them a small TU for the effort but I'm thinking this one may stand out the most if you've never played the series before (it would seem).

  • Day one purchase suckas!

  • But do the fish swim away from you?

  • Ugh, I want to play this so bad almost more than Shadow fall! My only question is why take a step backwards in the timeline? Should be interesting to see where Ubisoft is going with AC.
  • Awesome trailer. I can't wait for this game.

  • I like Ubisoft for the most part but I havnt been excited for this game past the first 1. Lot of people want the future/sci fi aspect gone, I want it to be better. AC2 and onwards ruined it all the way, I doubt the abstergo FPS would be anything anyone even cares about.

    This game started out with beleif about the apple of eden and tyranny of the Templars. Then it became a hollywood story about revenge and a sci fi element that has no progression. Each new installment just seems like larger splinter in the franchise and now its a totally different game. This game looks great but I am not seeing the assassin aspect of it anymore. Its just some pirate that likes to wear a hood and kill people of import.

    The good thing is now, you don't even need to acknowledge the existence of other AC games (which I think might be reason for Patrice's departure from Ubisoft, and this looks like Ubisofts way of moving the franchise completely out of its creators hands)
  • can't wait for this game to come out

  • Cant wait, I got this one preordered

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