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Watch Dogs

Watching The Watchers

Ubisoft was featured heavily at Sony's Gamescom presentation, including the unveiling of a new Watch Dogs trailer.

The trailer reveals the DedSec hacker group who has come to warn the public about the ctOS system and the one who's already infiltrated it.

Ubisoft also revealed at the presentation that Sony Pictures and Ubisoft Motion Pictures are working on a Watch Dogs film with New Regency.

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  • Assassin's Creed movie, check. Splinter Cell movie, check. Watch Dogs movie, check. Ubisoft be goin' Hollywood! Awesome trailer though, can't wait for the game to come out.
  • That looks pretty sweet. I can't wait to start screwing around with the ctOS.
    And Aiden, what a badass. Even the outlaws have denounced him.
  • This looks really great! And it's nice to see General Zod is still making static-y PSAs.
  • vigilante causes 32 car pile-up 18 dead.

    words are hard.

  • I'm really excited for this.  This is my preordered game to go with my PS4!

  • I'm still hesitant for this...I'm unsure how engrossing the gameplay will be, and the story looks questionable. I enjoyed the original concept for Assassin's Creed, but was disappointed in the narrative choices that Ubisoft ultimately took after the first one. I'm reserving judgment on this until the reviews and my personal hands-on with the title.
  • they have so many trailers and gameplay videos for this game.I know it's a new Ip but they need to cool it.
  • These trailers have been spectacular! Excited to pick this up at launch.

  • At this point I'm almost at the point where there's nothing more to be seen or learned from Watch_Dogs' trailers, but I'm still just as pumped for the game itself. As long as reviews stay pretty consistently good for this, I'm pick'in this up this year.

  • Well that's enough epicness for today before my brain explodes, I'm getting myself a Hot Pocket.

  • Already pre-ordered. Can't wait

  • All I know is that Aiden better not turn out to be the bad guy in the end, I hate those endings, but anyway, really excited for this game!
  • I am so pumped for this game.

  • I'm just not into the concept of this one. Perhaps I'll borrow it from a friend.
  • I can't wait to play this. I know this will be a major time sink for me.

    Am I the only one who thinks the woman helping Aiden looks like Rooney Mara from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

  • This will be a really good game, one of the best of this year, I daresay. I don't know why, but just by watching these trailers, it just feels... right =)

  • Can't wait for this game. I just hope that UBisoft doesn't pull yet another idiotic move and release this along side AC4. If they do that, it will potentially kill Watch Dogs like it has killed other new IP in the past from Ubisoft because the game didn't sell as well as everyone wanted whatever AC game released at the time. Anyways, yeah, this game is going to be the only one I think to release this year to pull me away from GTA V.
  • I'll probably pre-order it when it comes on steam.