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See The World Of Contrast From The Eyes Of A Young Girl

It's been a while since our first look at Contrast. Though the news on the upcoming platformer has been slim, Contrast has not gone unnoticed, as it looks to be a unique addition bridging the gap between current and next-generation consoles. Now, Compulsion Games offers up a new trailer that reveals more about its heroine, Didi.

Didi is a young girl who is struggling to understand her parents. To cope with adult situations beyond her control, she creates and befriends an imaginary figure by the name of Dawn. Players can solve puzzles and platforming obstacles by playing as Dawn, as Didi watches.

Dawn can climb across silhouettes of strategically placed objects. She can even take the form of a shadow, expertly maneuvering through the dark streets of a setting that's part vaudeville, part film noire.

"You're growing up fast— you used to be scared of the dark," Didi's father remarks in the trailer. Little does he know, darkness and shadows may have become her greatest allies. 

If Contrast interests you, be sure to check out editor Kim Wallace's feature on upcoming under-the-radar titles, as Contrast is one of eight titles she mentions. Who knows? You may find other hidden gems to splurge on in the coming months. 

Contrast will be coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 4.

  • she strangely looks familiar.... like... something.... i've seen before... maybe in a different dimension.

  • elizibeth,is that you?

  • No one told me Minni Driver auditioned for the Mocap.

  • Mod
    The mood, setting, and overall freshness of this game are welcoming. What is this song called?
  • Looks to me that they tried to copy Elizabeth from Infinite... Real creative guys.

  • Looks pretty neat. And if the song in the trailer is what the actual game's music will be based on, I'm sold.

  • So her face is a bit similar to Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite... Get over it guys... It's not like they're copying the game, it's just a similar face... Plus this is a young child!
  • wow that was amazing :D

  • I am really feeling this...especially the music.

  • Love that music.

  • The style of the world and characters is really cool - Didi is evoking Coraline to me (with a dash of Psychonauts' style), which is definitely good. That being said, she's got some problems if the go-to imaginary friend that jumps into her mind is that chick in S&M-meets-mime gear. Yikes. :P

    Interesting looking game for sure though.

  • This looks really neat :).

  • God damn I love the feel of this game.Cannot wait until its out,been looking foward to it for ages now.