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Infamous Second Son

Delsin Able To Absorb Other Conduits' Abilities According To Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch has released a new video in which the developers working on Infamous Second Son excitedly talk about Delsin's abilities in the upcoming next-gen title.

Delsin Rowe is able to absorb the powers of other conduits. His first ability harnesses the use of smoke, and is a much talked about feature in the video.

Watch below to see the struggles and accomplishments of the dev team and see their impressive onomatopoeia-producing skills in action as they explain the mechanics of smoke powers.

Let us know what you think of Delsin's abilities and the latest video in the comments. Click below on our Infamous Second Son hub to find out more about Sucker Punch's next title.

  • Mod
    I wish this was a launch title. I'd snatch it up the second I picked up my PS4. It's on my list of most anticipated games.
  • Best looking game I've seen for next generation. If this is how we're starting, it's going to be amazing to see how things look 2-3 years down the line.
  • The cynic in me wants to point out that the protagonist looks and acts like Donte from DmC and that the gameplay looks exactly the same as the previous titles but .....I'm a schmutz for good dialogue and well shot cutscenes. Something inFamous is pretty good at. Also the gameplay looks photo realistic, I feel like we're flying to close to the sun with videogames now.
  • I hope Sucker Punch shows of some of the other powers that Delsin can gain from conduits.
  • Sweet.

  • I never thought about how creators of a game thought up of different fighting strategies..probably thought they wrote up a quick powerpoint or whipped up a quick demonstration of a move on some computer program. But it skips right past my expectations and goes to a likeness of a kid trying to explain what they experienced in a Michael Bay production. "And it's all wham, swoosh, boom, ksssshhhh, shwing!...yeah, it's pretty awesome."
  • I wonder if taking powers from other conduits will be considered bad. I hope it won't be like Bio-leech in infamous 1&2.

  • The game looks truly remarkable. I am a little bummed it isn't coming out until 2014 but I am sure Sucker Punch will use the time wisely.
  • Is anybody else thinking that this looks nothing like the last 2 infamous games but it still looks better than the last 2 games?Like if they just showed the gameplay without saying its an infamous game I would have thought it was a completely different game.
  • I'm glad both XBOX one and PS4 have awesome exclusives. That way I can pick my next gen console based on which one is better over all, rather than which games I want to play.
  • This game actually looks next Gen! Im sorry but Titan Fall doesn't look that impressive next to this! Ps4
  • I still don't understand why he actually has to dodge bullets. Couldn't they just pass through his smoky self? And I've got to say that some of his combat abilities feel really uninteresting and self-evident. If you could turn into smoke and ash, would you really start punching enemies with flaming whips? How about sending some of that ash-thing down somebody's throat burning his insides/vital organs, or completely covering the skin of an enemy from the outside and thus burning him? It took me 30 seconds to come up with those two examples and they have been working with the game for a looong time.
  • I gonna get this game and be all like; BAM! ZOOM! WHOOSH! POW! and then I'm gonna eat some pancakes and be all like; om-nom-nom-nom-nom!
  • I remember when xbox fanboys dismissed and criticized the first Infamous game as a Crackdown wannabe and how much it was going to suck, and look at the franchise now, it's one of Sony's major IPs. Oh and where IS Crackdown??? Yeah.....exactly. I'm really looking forward to this game.
  • I remember the first inFamous catching my eye when I first got a Ps3. The only game I could afford at that point was GTA IV, and so when I was bored with that, I would often replay the inFamous demo. It looked so good, and the gameplay was so different to anything I had played.

    Flash forward to a few months ago when I finally get into inFamous 2, which is incredibly superior to the first game. After replaying the first on the opposite karma, it already is starting to show its age. Or at least compared to the second one.

    And now Second Son, I can tell is going to be another title that I look at as definitively the 'next-gen', from when I first play it on my Ps4.

  • Wow,i hope this game is awsome...

  • This game looks INCREDIBLE! And compared with Sucker Punch's reputation, and with the line-up of PS4 games already, I'm definitely buying this as my first game for PS4.

  • I want to play this so bad, but i still hope his beanie catches on fire. Let that hair flow in the wind Delsin!!
  • I can't wait to play this. The smoke abilities & the way to phase & teleport makes me crazy excited because it's similar to Nightcrawler (my favorite of the X-Men). A lot of time will be spent just messing around with all the powers & seeing what all I can do all at once.

  • This game looks amazing, but for some reason the melee combat bothers me so much. InFamous 2's was so cool and flashy, but this doesn't have that. It still looks awesome though, can't wait.

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